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Significant difference in sound between jag and jazz

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Can anyone try and give me a brief explanation of the difference in sound (generally) between a Jag and a Jazzmaster (meaing 1960's guitars, not Reissues). Strat player, new to this forum, just trying to get a handle on the playability difference and sound difference between these two guitars.


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are talking about the pickups or the selections. first off youk now that the scale is different right?

well with that said lets start with the jaguar. the jaguar has an extra lil switch that is like a low cut. thats the selection tone difference. and the pickups are single coils but they are not anything like strat singles. they've got a bit more bools or something to them, not realyl sure how to explain it. and a jazzmaster has just a toggle switch but the same rythm sectino as a jag. a jazzy has soapbars, which are a bit noizier/louder. you just have to play one honestly. its not like the difference between a strat and a tele.


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You won't use the low-cut on a jag if you get one.

Jags and Jazzers have similar tonal charactaristics- plinky surfiness, lack of sustain. Jag has marginally less sustain due to shorter scale length.

Jag pickups are brighter, Jazz0r pickups are warmer.

Jazzmasters are more versatile. People only buy Jaguars because of all the cool chrome (or stainless steel, if you're going japanese).

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