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tremolo preference? jaguar/jazz or strat?

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I don't really use trem that much at all. I hate the strat bridge and trem entirely, but the Jag trem isn't great either. I would like the trem much more if they made the bridge not rock, just have it mount straight to the body instead of rocking. It was a constant frustration for me at least, the damn thing would always have the intonation off because the strings shoved the bridge forward most of the time, but them sometimes it would rock back and throw off intonation. I finally taped the posts and it holds tune now. If I were making a custom body from scratch I'd make the bridge post holes the exact width of the posts, so it didn't move at all.

I would rate the Bigsby trem as my all time favorite trem design. The only pain with those is that the tailpeice gets in the way of a screwdriver, making it difficult to set the intonation. Thats the only gripe I have about those.

All in all, I'd say the Jag trem is nicer than the strat, but only if the bridge didn't rock. Otherwise, I think they both suck.

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