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Newbie to the Jaguar - The Tremolo Button??

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I just bought a new Jaguar and I can't figure out what the Tremolo button does or is supposed to do. When I slide the button towareds the butt of the guitar my some of my strings start to buzz - when I slide the button up towards the neck the button locks into place and my strings stop buzzing.

What is this thing for?

Its the "Classic Player Jaguar Special". You can see the exact version here:


Thanks in advance

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It's meant to lock the trem. Using the trem arm, push it down as far as you can, then push the trem button towards the butt of the guitar and release the trem arm. After you do that, tighten the screw that sits in the center of the trem plate. Your trem is now locked.

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^ I don't get that point. Who would continue playing, if a string broke? (I mean live wise.)

You would stop playing a song on stage if a string broke?

Hm. I guess I'd change to a backup guitar, while letting others continue. xD I don't really know, I have never thought about it. ):

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Thanks for all of the help.

I guess the only confusing part for me now is that if I lock the jag tremolo I can still bend notes with the tremolo bar - I wouldn't have expected this.

Not down because the button slides a small plate underneath stopping this. You may get a semitone upbend though.
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Actually the "Trem Lok" button locks the tremolo from going UP.

How it works is it slides between the pressure plate and tailpiece frame to block the vibrato from going sharp if a string breaks, disabling the floating feature but allowing the guitar to soldier on through the song/gig until the broken string can be fixed including downward travel for vibrato if needed.

What's funny is I wound up disabling mine on my Jaguar.....it's never needed it, and I still beat the bar like a red-headed stepchild on that guitar. 

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