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Hi. I'm picking up a "Synsonics" Steinberger knockoff (like this one):


From a guy tomorrow for 25$...

I stole that picture from a guy on eBay selling it for 200$...

So: what's the greatest deal you've gotten for a guitar? Especially when you knew it was worth more than you got it.

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I was building my first Mustang and needed a neck, so some kid on here offered me a '72 Mustang neck in mint condish with the original F tuners in exchange for a body (to be made sometime in the future.) I haven't seen him since.

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No awesome deals here.

Tele was AUD$200 (reduced from $240), but I have sunk about another $200 into it.

51 was $200 and I have sunk about $250 (maybe more) into that too.

Jagmaster was $459 brand new, have put about $80 into it, but I will be swapping the pickups before too long, so there's another $80-$90

My DeVille was $125, but was rubbish.

My Cimar was $160 and was rubbish.

The Tele wins...

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it was mint condition until:

1. it got attacked by a dog

2. I dropped a pair of pliers on it

3. I scratched all the chrome somehow.......

And that was in 2 months!

Warn me first, if you ever decide to come to Los Angeles...so I can put all my guitars in a safe.

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Best deal ever was when i bought a '66 Dakota Red Mustang, 100% original with original HSC and Trem bar for $450!! Thats no lie, i made a thread about it a SS.

Second best deal was a '96 50th anniv. Sonic Blue Mustang at a Cash America pawn $249 all it needed was a good cleaning of the switches.


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