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Favorite Artists with Jags/jazzmasters Pictures!

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he only owns the fiesta red one now (which anthony bought him when he rejoined th peppers)...the rest of them were lost in his house fire/sold for drugs.

john bought the red jag with royalty money after he lost all his guitars in the fire, it was his only guitar for awhile but he said he needed a strat when he rejoined and anthony bought him the '62.

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Thank you, someone to my defence.And after my manhood was questioned because of my giddy school girl like devotion to a band. I love the Smashing pumpkins, Billy Corgan why can't I just quit you?

You'll grow out of it, it's a teenage thing, eventually you'll find other types of music which inspire you more, you won't believe it now, but it'll happen.

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Yea there nothing thats NOT fender for the strings.


Dude, Omar is smashed in that picture!

Tu tru only person who plays a SS. Super sonic thats flipped at that, infact when the super sonic is flipped its the best shape ever. I think if Fender made flipped SS then they'd totally out sale the jagmaster, which looks fugly. But I guess they'd have to still make the SS in the first place.

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My current guitar hero, Aaron North:

http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y203/H ... 1124dm.jpg






And this one pretty much sums up what I love so much about him (besides the ridiculously awesome sound he gets out of his guitars) and NIN:


His feet are about 7 feet off the ground. Alessandro, the keyboardist/synth guy in the background is on a platform that's a good foot-2 feet above the the rest of the band and he's almost 6 feet tall.

Aaron North is insane. If anyone is interested, he was in the indie punk/hardcore band, The Icarus Line and is currently one of the heads of Buddyhead, a record label that puts out indie music. He's also playing lead guitar in the current iteration of Nine Inch Nails live.

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