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Harmonic Percolator

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for the people that know that distinct steve albini guitar sound (for the ones who dont

http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=0cRoyFMLUuY ), one of the thing that its down to is hi use of the Harmonic Percolator! now you are not going to find an original but they make an exact reissue hear http://pages.prodigy.net/chuckcollins/percolator.html

but my mates dad is going to make me one but using new parts, would this sound any good?


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Theoretically that thing should one of the "best" sounding distortions ever produced, since it's producing more even then odd order harmonics which are generally termed as more musical. I wonder if it can handle big jazz chords, I might definitely be checking that thing out. Gonna do some more research though first, thanks a lot for posting that.


Edit in:

I wonder what a pedal that emphasized odd-order harmonics would sound like? an "enharmonic percolator" maybe like a ring modulator.

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What kind of guitar is that, it looks like a mustang with a different neck, pretty cool sound too, like out of phasey ish with more high end.

its a Travis bean guitar it has that sound becasue it has a metal neck :-D

"Travis Bean is an American luthier and machinist from California.

In the 1970s, he partnered with Gary Kramer to start Travis Bean Guitars, which made high-end electric guitars and basses featuring machined aluminum necks, an unusual design that provided incredible clarity and sustain. The aluminum center section ran through the instrument body, with the pickups directly mounted to the aluminum. The majority of these instruments featured solid koa wood bodies and humbucker pickups. Models included the Artist, Standard, Wedge (rare), and TB500 (rare) with single coil pickups."


i dont know that much about them other than what i have read on wikki and had a small look on the site dedicated to them, but you can buy a good one for 5000$ US.

there is one at a music shop in Melbourne and they dont know that its a bean so its 3000$ not 6000$ if any one interested PM me.i would say it would double if not triple in price. if you put it on ebay.

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I make nice Harmonic Percolators covered in gingham. They look extra fancy. Sold out the current batch, but get in touch if you'd like one of the next lot. Demos on youtube, just search 'Fredric Effects'.

These ones

ahah no way, i was looking at your stuff the other day BEFORE i looked at this. i would buy one but now my music teacher is going to help me make one. i have to make a pedal to get my cert 3 any way.

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