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Duo Sonic / Bronco / Musicmaster / Cyclone Pictures

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It would look better without the matching pickguard. Other than that, hELLz yEaH to tha antigua 8) .

I have thought about throwing a black guard on there but I like it as is.The color grows on you believe it or not.

unlike marmite which is horrible all the time

i have phases where i like and phases when i hate antigua

at the moment i love it :-D

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these are a couple of pics of my music master i dont know what year it is i know it is old and a family heirloom





That's a beautiful Musicmaster,but it is not a 1956.Maybe 1966 would be closer.Actually,the decal on your guitar's headstock wasn't used until 1968 so it was probably made between 1968-1976. You have to take the neck off and look at the butt end of the neck to see the date it was made.

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