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Best amp for a Jaguar?

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How would one of these compare with a twin, or in general ??? They hardly ever get mentioned on these boards. I tried one some time ago but don't really remember what I thought....



I love them. And they can get nice and dirty too if you push them.

I use that Model on my Valvetronix practice amp for drive and it sounds pretty faithful.

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The amp I'm using with my Jag is a Vox Cambridge tube hybrid amp. Perfect mate to the Jag for my tastes, very bright on the clean channel, but has a touch of breakup. I've also been using a Peavey Classic 50 that is at the practice space when I don't care to lug my amp with me, it belongs to another guitarist that practices there and does ok as a sub. I think those are supposed to be clones of a Fender amp of some type. I really want a Bassman, one day I'll either build one or find one for cheap.

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it aught to sound good through your deville. just put the presence at around 6(the dial not the o'clock) and the reverb at around three-five(the dial again) bright switch on, treble at around three(o'clock this time) mids a bit higher than bass, with the bass around noon. thats what i use for my strat and it sounds alright, if you want it abssier add more bass. i guess you could use that as a starting point, our amps are the same model, and asof my knowladge mines fairly stock.so you can get good "sonds" out of your current amp, and if all else fails try new tubes/speakers. you cant go wrong with celestion vintage 30's and ruby or sovteck or ehx valves in it. just my two cents though.

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i have a fender deville 212 and I also like the twin reverb... but what amp do you guys perfer???

that amp should sound fine. if you're not digging it, though, just demo some different models at your local shop. be sure to bring your guitar with you as you want to find something that sounds good with it AND most shops don't have a healthy stock of these guitars.

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I'm either going for a Marshall Mod 4 or JCM 2000, but considering the cost, I might as well go botique and get one of these two for some extra non-marshall sounds.....

Samamp Combo - 45 Watts, Class A, Tube, Variable Clipping


Samamp Head - Max 90 Watts, Class A, Tube, Variable Clipping


Played a stock Mustang through the combo, The Mustang ate an ESP through a metal Zone, and it had a really nice fendery tone on one of the two clean channels, kind of like a mix beteween a Princeton Reverb and a Twin Reverb.

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variable clipping? That sounds really interesting.

It was a special circuit patented by the Samamp guy. The reason they're not well known is because they are hand made by one guy in Birmingham Alabama.

V.A.C., or Variable Amplitude Clipping is used to redue the output power of the amplifier by sending the signal through a series of lightbulbs in the back of the amp to cause the power to "sag" and lower the clip level on the amp to gain the same kind of distortion achevied by turning the tube amp up full blast. Basically, it does something a little like what a Variac does on an amp, it lowers the availible power to the power tubes, causing the amp to break up and distort earlier.

From my experience, the amp I tried was the green combo pictured above, which had 5 channels if I remember right, and we had it set at 30 or 15 watts, though I'm not TOTALLY sure which. It had a Fender-ish channel, another channel to sound like an AC30, another for a Marshall Bluesbreaker type sound, and the final one was a very Van-Halenish Marshall Plexi Sound, the first and the last being the two I really liked, especially if it can get that blasted Plexi sound out of a stock mustang, that was unreal. I believe the benifit of the circuit is that, unlike power brakes and some other things, the sound is much warmer and mellow than that of say, a Marshall JCM with a power brake.

http://www.samamp.com/page2.html - Thats where they go into it more in depth.

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