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Potential Jagmaster project.

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So if you never use the tremolo, what does it matter what tremolo is on it? Couldn't you just lock down the strat trem thats already there?

Yeah, that was an option that I considered. But I find removing strings to be a pain in the ass sometimes. Ball and bullet ends occasionally get lodged in the block and the strings usually come out at an angle so you have to either remove the back plate or screw around trying to get them to line up with the holes. All in all, I prefer top-loading bridges.

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You will need to cut the pickguard too, right???

Correct. I think that I would just have to do a little shaving. Get rid of the little corners that hug the existing trem.

Meh. If you don't like it that much, just get a hardtail guitar...

I'm not looking for another guitar or more parts. I'm only considering the items that I currently have and, unfortunately, all of my hardtail bridges would require filling the trem hole in order to mount. And between those, my Bronco setup and my Mustang vibrato, the Mustang would have less time involved.

Actually, I have a bridge from a '93 Duo Sonic reissue that might work. Doesn't really look that great, though.


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