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Cobain Les Paul? WTF

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had a bolt-on neck. Also smashed at the Motor Sports show (41). Another picture.

12). Ibanez Les Paul Custom copy, left-handed, set neck, cherry sunburst, Dimarzio X2N pickups, 2 coil tap mini switches (installed when purchased), flame top but not super flamey, black pickguard (may have been removed) and pickup rings. Black or gold speed knobs. This was a great lefty guitar but Kurt wouldn't play it live because he said it looked too much like Jimmy Page. Earnie may have sent this for the "In Utero" recording (41)(59).
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I'm not one for kurt threads either (nothing against the guy tho) but I did work w/ earnest bailey (his tech) for almost 2 years & he told me that he loved the sound of a lp but that because of there weight he didn't like to play them live. Also he liked to smash guitars & so gibsons necks were too hard to replace. This lead him to fender guitars & eventually to mustangs for their weight/neck & with a bucker in the back gave a good "heavy" tone.

As for him using lps in the studio I think its probably more then possible. When in a studio you're going to tone not look & lps have GREAT tone. I've known studio guys who play "crap" guitars that they would NEVER be seen playing on stage because they give the sound they need for the track they are working on.

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That Aria in the second pic from the Motorsports show was not a Les Paul at all, but an Aria Pro II Cardinal Series.  A bit different......



As for Cobain playing Les Pauls......I heard he had one, an Ibanez Les Paul copy, that he may or may not have used on In Utero for a song or two.  The picture up top, that could be, but unlikely given what Kurt said about Les Pauls per most people in here. 

A lot of rock stars use different guitars live than they do in the studio.  Like Hendrix used strats and flying V's (later on) live, but Hendrix used all kinds of stuff in the studio, Teles, Jazzmasters, Danelectros.  I've seen David Gilmour using a luthier built 24 fret guitar in the studio for Dark Side of the Moon on the Pompeii video we have.  Paul Dean of Loverboy used to put a whole bunch of crazy home built creations together between takes/tracks in the studio so you never knew what he was using on the record for sure.  I've even done it as a local artist - Tele Custom in the studio, okay, let's play that.  Oh, the bassist wants me to try out his Gretsch DuoJet on this track - sure.

A lot of what's on the web is speculation.  But I can't doubt there are some Cobain guitars that never saw the stage but got used on the albums.  I'm still thinking Very Ape is the Musicmaster that Dave Navarro has given the whole song is on a neck pickup.

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