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Favorite Squier Vista Guitar?


What is your favorite Squier Vista Guitar?  

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  1. 1. What is your favorite Squier Vista Guitar?

    • Super Sonic
    • Jagmaster
    • Venus
    • Venus XII
    • Musicmaster
    • Musicmaster Bass

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Yeah, it was so super nice.

I said to the guy, "Its a beat up Squier, and it's old. I'd give you 150 for this if you want to sell."

And he goes, "Hah! Sorry man, Vista series. Best guitars ever made. I have an old Jagmaster and Super Sonic too, and they're worth more than some Fenders in here."

So I go, "You are one of all of four people I know who would actually know that. My favorite is the Super Sonic."

So he replies, "Yeah, mine is super nice. I'd be willing to part with it for 500."

So I laugh and say, "I wish I had 500. I'd buy it in a heartbeat."

So he laughs a little and walks away.

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There's a new Venus for sale in my local guitar shop. Been sitting on the shelf since it's release all those years ago, still has the plasic covering on the pickguard. They want 300 for it. Not a bad deal.

Now if it was a super-sonic, it'd be mine already.

that'd be an alright grab. what color?

didnt they only come in two colors?

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I went with the MusicMaster cause I've played a few and really liked them.

I love jagmasters tho and super-sonics are ok...I have to say tho that the venus I'm not a fan of...to be honest I think about 43% of the reason why is because of the courtney love connection, I just can't even think about playing one.

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