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Guitars You Want to See Reissued


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And yet nobody mentioned the maurauder :-mad

for anybody who doen't know, it is like a jagmaster with a strat pickup layout except the early models have the pickups under the pickguard :-D

A) the Marauders were never issued, therefore it would be very hard to reissue them. (they only made it to the prototype stage)

B) The second version of the Marauder is way cooler than the first one.

C) It is much more than a Jagmaster with a Strat pickup layout because:

-The body shape is like a Strat and a Jag put together

-The trem is much more like a dynamic vibrato than a strat trem

-The Marauder has 7 switches, 2 regular knobs, and 2 roller knobs

I would assume, judging by the layout of the controls that work kinda like this:

3 switches= individual pickup on/off switches

2 switches= bridge and neck pickup phase switches

1 switch= rhythm/lead circuit switch

1 switch= strangle switch for lead circuit

Regular knobs= volume/tone for lead circuit

Roller knobs= volume/tone for rhythm circuit

D) Nobody cares about the earlier Marauders because the pickups under the p/g idea didn't work (Fender stopped development because it wasn't working and the guy had to take his idea to Rickenbacker, and I don't think their version ever got past prototype stage either)

E) Because nobody cares about the earlier Marauders I won't go into detail on them

F) Fender_Marauder.JPG

G) but you're right it would be nice to see the second version of the Marauder released

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