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Guitars You Want to See Reissued

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Oh, I can think of a few...

- Fender Jag-Stang

- Maurauder, any version

- Fender Lead Series - I, II, and III

- Fender Performer

- Fender Katana

- Squier/Fender Super-Sonic

- Fender Bronco

- Fender Bullet Version 1

- Fender Maverick

- Fender Electric XII

- Fender Elite Strat and Tele

- 1975+ Reissues of the Jaguar, Jazzmaster, and Mustang in 70's colors

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the standar strat usa with matching headstock

I wanted to buy one but by the time i got the money the stop producing it and the surf green one where all sold

I know it isn't the same, but you could do a Warmoth build to get that look. Fender doesn't seem to be using the fun colors as much anymore. Just mostly black, sunburst, red, and blue. :(

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The Fender Lead Series, and maybe some new ones, like the Lead 1/2 like Elliot Easton was using with The Cars in the early 80's (basically a Lead 1 with an angled single coil in the neck position). The Fender Electric XII, and maybe even a A Jaguar/XII or Jazzmaster/XII hybrid of some kind, to compete with the Gibson SG 6/12 doubleneck. I'd like to see the Katana reissued, as well as the original Bullet, I love those old Tele style Bullets with the all-metal pickguard, I just found there was something about that particular design that cliques with me. The 75' Jaguar and Jazzmaster reissued, with maple or rosewood fretboards, there's a big lack of blackguard maple neck Jags and Jazzmasters out there, and I'm sure a lot of people would love to see them. The Maurader finally completed, Think of it, with all this modern tech from active electronics to super-hot passive pickups, there's no Reason Fender could not make the "pickup-less" guitar a reality. Shoot, at least do a "remake", Gibson did with the Moderne and Futura (early goofey Explorer), so why not the Maurader. The Jag-Stang, to be honest, I like the old slab body design the best, it's like a good tele, rough, tough, hard to beat, and sounds as thicj as the body is (with the right pickups). The Strat Elite, Katana, and 84' Strat for sure, I loved the Katana, very slick Vee type guitar, and the Elite was just plain neat.

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