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How the hell can you not hack HSB????

It's pretty hard to sing and play it at the same time... I find anyway...

It is a pretty easy song (almost all of Nirvana's are) but it's got a certain feel to it that's hard to replicate. And it is kind of difficult to sing and play at the same time, especially for a non-singer like myself :wink:

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All the covers in projects past and present.....


- On a Plain

- Smells Like Teen Spirit

- Come As You Are

I'm currently tempted to do some new covers in the future with some changes from the usual.


- Rape Me


- Rape Me

- Come As You Are

- A strange quazi Shoegaze version of Smells Like Teen Spirit

Smokin' 66' (Rehearsals only)

- Smells like Teen Spirit

- Lithium

and a few others, one of our auditions as drummer was a gal who was a hardcore Nirvana fan. She had just bought a Jag-Stang before the auditions and was showing it off. So that's when most of the covers were played.

Ancient Tongues

Well, I do irritate our rhythm guitarist by breaking into covers on occasion at soundcheck.

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