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here are my covers:

Floyd the barber; Big cheese; about a girl; aneurysm; son of a gun; breed; Rfus; frances Farmer...; here she comes; dumb; d-7; jesus don't...; on a plain; pennyroyal tea; sliver; scentless apprentice, tourette's; territorial...;

simple songs i can sing while playing

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big long now, paper cuts, sifting. i love all nirvana, but if i were to play one live, i'd want a one that just made everyone watching feel strange. especially in this day and age where all i hear are either second rate "core" bands who think they can play metal because last week they learned how to tune to drop d or the same ol' rehashed b.s. 4 chord pop structure. sigh..

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To be honest, I could do an entire setlist of Nirvana stuff that I like....and then some. It'd be tough for me to pick one or two. If I were to cover Nirvana, it'd likely be when I have a particular song in mind.....if I had to pick one song per album though....

Floyd The Barber

On A Plain


Scentless Apprentice

Something in the Way (acoustic)


And then theres....


Mr. Moustache

Come As You Are


Hairspray Queen

Endless Nameless

Milk It


Smells Like Teen Spirit

I've thought about doing some covers and putting my own mark on them in the past...only thing is I'm not sure how people would take it since at times it could get pretty 80's at times.

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