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Jagstang build *DEMOS ON PAGE 11!!*

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I know. fail :(

Could do with a price. Or I could swap for the original body when the new one is done :)

I am getting a lot of bitching over on SS for this. Some guy says I should sell it simply because I don't like nirvana :roll:

That guy is a failure at life. And sorry but I can't give you a price as I'm not a luthier and therefore I'm not familiar with the cost of the body in comparison to the guitar as a whole and such. Good luck with the project by the way.

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Ya know dude, Shortscale is one place that I would not post about Metallica + Offsets at, from my experience, a good few there just make fun of and lampoon the hell out of you unless you fit their narrow standard (or at least hide) of what a guitar player "should" be like. Let's just say I don't post there anymore, for all the nice folks there, you'll get one hell of a lot of rudeness out of a small handful of mouthy people. That's the reason I've stuck here, though I've had my share with some of the same people over here. I looked at your thread over there, and in a way, I'm jealous, they're being lighter on you than they ever were me.

As far as my advice on my years of guitar modding experience, I suggest either getting the help of a pro, or getting some cheap guitars to mess around on first. Cutting contours is not an easy thing and neither is finishing. Actually, in all the years of modding guitars and building custom bodies that I've done, finishing is the HARDEST part. I only got good at that within the last 4-5 years, and the key word is good, not great. Also, woodworking can be difficult in that you need to be careful and patient about how much you take off, because it's too much easier to take off too little than to cut off too much and have to put wood back. Also, I could see issues stemming from the back contour and the routing.

Finishing a guitar well, usually involves primer, several thin coats of the color of choice while sanding out imperfections after the paint has dried between the next several coats with finer and finer grits of paper. Then putting on clearcoat, letting that cure for several days or more, and then using a rubbing compound to bring out the high gloss afterward.

Another snag here is mounting the roller wheels where the switches are, the mounts for roller wheels where the switches are would have to be custom made, and most likely out of metal material of some sort. You could run into clearance issues with the pots , thumbwheels, and the mounts and the pickups. The rhythm circuit rollers in the Jaguar and Jazzmaster take up almost twice-4X the space of the Mustang switches.

As far as cost, there's the tools involved (I was lucky as a teen to have mom buy me a bandsaw when I was 16), and lots of precision cutting and routing to do. I don't really know th extent of your skills, but I figure I'd just give you a rundown of what would all be involved in this understaking.

Another problem I foresee is the logo, you would, at the most accurate, have to have some waterslide Jag-Stang decals made in a color brighter than the black background, such as white, gold, or silver, and place that over the final coat of paint before the clearcoat, and then carefully put clearcoat over it (and very lightly) so it does not fog the logo and make it look like ass.

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