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I recently went to a local guitarcenter and played around with a reissued mustang, and it felt amazing.

I like the tonality of it, but I just don't like the color choices. I mean, all three of them.

I don't usually care about color of the guitar, since what it matters is the sound of it, but except for this case...

so where can I get a competition orange mustang? I looked for several hours but I couldn't find one in a descent condition except the one in ebay

I also looked at couple of japanese sites, and I found 72' competition orange mustang, but made in japan. It had 24 inch fretboard but looked kind of small, and a poplar body. the price was 148000yen, which is about $1500.

so I was wondering if anyone know the quality of it and see if it's worth spending $1500

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