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as i'm in the process of rewiring my jazzy i wanted to upgrade my novak pickups sound with new caps. with a lot of search i found this online shop:


The guy who runs this has very helpful (low cost) tips to upgrade the sound of your guitar. I think changing or adding the right caps can seriously improve your sound quality.

I have sent him a few e-mails,....he answered me after 2 mins.

MUST check him out.

Here's a part of his answer about jazzy caps.

"The tone pot cap is a .03uf (.033uf), and the switch cap is a .02uf (.022).If it is wired like Jaguar, 56k is the correct value with a .01 tone pot cap, and a .03 switch cap.

As far as cap values go, the higher the value, the darker the tone at any given point in the pot rotation. 0.1 being darkest, and 0.022 being brightest. Humbuckers have less highs because of phase cancellation and use a brighter cap like 0.022 or 0.033. Single coils need more highs removed to sound good, and use anywhere from 0.022 in Modern SSH Strats (a compromise really), and 0.047 (0.05) to 0.1 in vintage Strats and Teles. The Paper In Oil caps (Russian, Vitamin Q, and Bumblebee) give a creamier harmonic overtone due to the type of capacitive material used. The Orange Drops give a crystal clear harmonic."

I had to share this with you guys.

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Any perceived difference you hear is in your head!

Any evidence you have is also in your head!

And if there actually is a difference noticeable by all its due to tolerances not type!

Use ANY cap (not electro's) and it will sound the same.

I'm very sceptical on the matter. Curtis Novak pickups recommends specific cap types (slightly different uf for the P180) but also says they're optional. I don't know if other pickup makers recomment kits.

Here's a really cool video which shows how various caps sound.

For me with my little knowledge, i think it worths changing the caps just because it's a less than 10 euros upgrade.

I'd like to hear your thoughts.

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Well comparing different values is flawed for a start as a 33nF on 6 is not gonna sound the same as a 22nF on 6.

What I hear (with headphones on) is subtle at best when a difference is even apparent at all and can be explained by tolerances.

His 22nF orange drop cap may not measure exactly 22nF, it may be 23.5nF and his ceramic may actually be 20nF,hence they will sound different on 6. One would have to measure every cap and match them exactly to the desired value to do this test so its flawed from the start.

Its all about tolerances,not type and any money spent on so called high end caps (they are all a matter of cents, not dollars) other than the cheapest 10 cent cap is a waste of money!

A 10nF cap will sound different than a 47nF cap on 6, no doubt about it but it has nothing to do with type its the value in this instance that is making the change. So,again, its tolerances and nothing more.

The kind of people that swear by certain caps are either selling them, brainwashed by mojo bull#### and what they are hearing is tolerances or they are lying, its as simple as that. And after all,if you just spent $50 on a 10 cent cap you would want to hear a difference too wouldn't you?!?!

You know what type of caps are on vintage Jaguars, strats etc,the guitars with all the "mojo"? Cheap ceramic disk caps...they cost 10 cents each.

Another bull#### story is "vintage pickups sound better", this is just crap and is illogical. So what, somewhere during our advancement in science and technology we lost the ability to make good pickups? Sure!

A vintage jaguar sounds identical to an AVRI jaguar in one comparison I heard and when there is a difference in another comparison,its other factors like wood density and the Kohms of the pickups/pots etc.

The guitar world is so full of #### its not funny! You need to sift thru this #### to get to the actual facts and save yourself embarrassment and money.

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Earth, I feel the exact same way about 'tonewoods' and their percieved sonic differences.

I'm sure 99% of people would fail a blind taste test using same neck, strings and electronics, but moving them from body to body of different woods.

'Alder has more mids', 'basswood is better for highs', all that talk bugs me. Yes the differences may be there, but they are inaudible to human ears.

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I haven't done a lot of comparisons with woods etc. I do know that a Mahogany guitar regardless of shape (not thickness) sounds a lot different than an alder one and a poplar one sound different to an alder one.

I totally agree with you, but still i would spend a few cents for "better" caps for the guitar i love. The thing is i can't decide which caps specs would make my jazzy sound less muddy.....

Well any cap type is gonna sound the same, there is no such thing as "better" as far as capacitors go in guitars.

A 10nF cap wont go as dark as a 33nF or 47 nF cap, the tone knob will be maxed on a10nF cap while the same sound on a 33nF cap will not be maxed.

Jazzmasters are not known for being muddy but if you are experiencing it I would be looking elsewhere, not the tone cap type as that is not your problem.

The problem lies elsewhere...

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