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Competition Yellow mustang

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Basswood can sound a bit crappy (too much midrange)

And poplar is just shockingly pooey from what I hear.....alder all the way

I never even heard of alder mustang. 70s were ash but not alder. besides, wood only affects the longevity of the sound and vibration; any wood will sound crappy if you play like crap

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... but I don't like the short-ringing sound.

I have no idea of what you're talking about :? . I havnt heard that on my guitar

when I go above 12th fret, the sound doesn't last long and it's not the sound that I usually hear from my PRS single cut. but it plays great with bar chords and heavy riffs.

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Any progress updates?

not yet... but thanks for asking.

I have the decal, electronics, capacitor, alnico V pickups, mustang pickup covers, modified bridge from Warmoth, tremolo, white pearl pickguard with black side stripes and some other parts ready. so I'm done with all the wiring, except that I'm missing the control plate and the neck plate though... out of budget :(

I modified the pickguard; it doesn't have the two mustang switches, but it has two strat-style 3-way shift switches next to the volume knob.

but I don't have the neck and the body yet... I recently bought Vox Tonelab LE, so I'll have to save up more money for those.

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This Stang is gonna be seriously sexy.

I have a serious fetish for yellow guitars :D

I usually get attracted by black or lake placid blue, but what the heck, yellow mustang looks sexy

I gotta say goodbye to my fender 68 twin tube amp and a schecter guitar to afford it :(

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I have Fender reissue of Deville, and an original '68 twin that I got from my uncle. I like the twin's clean sound better, but the Deville's reverb tone breaks up more easily. so I'm selling the twin because I'm not really using it often, and also for the custom mustang.

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