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What is this model

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Hi, mates

I saw this jag on some of selling guitar site, this is japanese made of couse. but the neck had a straight brown line on the back, I've never seen before on any jag's neck (like stratocaster neck ) and the Truss rod is on the headstock side . that look strange eh? or it just another model of Fender japan

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Vista Jagmaster?

Is it a brand new model?

Now that i think about it, there is a place on ebay that sells parted out Fender guitars

i cant think of the name right now, but i think i recall seeing a Jaguar neck exactly like this, with stripe and the truss rod ajuster on the headstock end.

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another pics




this is jaguar but the neck look strange .

is that possible? this jag has been switched the neck or this is the some kind of alternate headstock ?

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Hi, all

here's another pics of this Jag

ps. p'sickboy krub, it's already mine ^^' , coz i trust that it's a REAL Jag

but the owner might switched the original neck to this...

the trem


the neck with no s/n and truss rod


looks like the neck in Perplehaze' link (with JGS on it)


the letter on the body (first is "DK bla bla..." and another is "JG66 bla bla..." JG = Jaguar, that's all i know)


the last one, without the pickguard


thx y'all, especially, p'sickboy ?????????? ^^

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