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New Mustang in the works

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I think when I last left you, I had refinished my old Mustang in red (I've changed the color several times over the decades), and replaced the old neck with the worn frets and fingerboard with a new neck:


Well, that lasted a few days, until my wife convinced me that I should put the old neck back on, and just keep it as a vintage guitar. I thought as long as I was doing that, I might as well try to get it back close to the original color. :-wow

So here it is. blue again with the old neck:


Now, what to do with that new neck and bridge?

I had put extra money into it for an ebony fingerboard, graphite nut, stainless steel frets, and locking tuners, not to mention my home made decal:


Easy answer to that question... build a new Mustang! :mrgreen:

It's in the works... A swamp ash body that I'm almost done clear lacquering. I'll let it harden a while, then put it all together.

I'm going to wire this one up differently than a standard Mustang.

I'm putting in two Carvin dual rail humbuckers.

Each slide switch will be --> |--- Humbucker -|- Off --| Single Coil

The tone control will be a push/pull pot that will be used for phase reversal.

I'll post pictures when I'm done.

Here's a sneak preview:


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I found a Fender logo on the web, like this one 2696286963_a22f638c36.jpg?v=0

at http://www.flickr.com/photos/metropolis ... 696286963/

I copied it into a graphics program. where I added the letters for MUSTANG in a font close to Fender's, and I added the little lines to the letters. I found a font similar to the one for Offset Contour Body, and added that, and I added the patent numbers. I copied the resulting image into Microsoft Word (inserted it as a picture into a text box), because it's easy for me to manipulate the size there. BTW, the Offset Contour Body part is a seperate decal.

When I got it looking just right, I printed it onto water slide decal "paper", from my local hobby shop (where I could buy one sheet). I comes in laser and ink jet varieties. If you're not familiar with decal paper, see this: http://www.decalpaper.com/category-s/3.htm

They sell some kind of waterproof coating for the decal, but I just use a couple coats of clear urethane or lacquer.

Cut out the decal, soak it in water, slide it off and into place on the head. I use a Q-tip, to smooth it out (sort of roll it over the surface). When dry, spray over it with urethane or lacquer.


If you mean, why make it instead of buying one... Cost = about $3 ($0 if I already have some decal paper on hand).

If you mean why did I want the logo... Because I was going to use the neck as a replacement, and I wanted it to look like the original neck. Since I ended up putting it on a new body, I am having 2nd thoughts. I'm not trying to pass this ax off as a real Fender, but the decal looks so excellent, I don't want to destroy it. I will probably just add another small decal with my name, or "by" my name to the head.

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