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pick guards and paint options....

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So, after looking at my halfway stripped fiesta red body and nice original JS neck sitting in a corner while life happened, I decided to pick up the project again, and as usual I have a lot of questions:


anybody use one of these off of ebay?

http://cgi.ebay.com/New-White-Pearl-Fen ... .m20.l1116

is the quality any good?

Is there a source for an original Fender pickguard (allparts says no)?

Has anybody made their own? if so can you make one out of plexiglass?


has anybody painted their JS Ocean Turquoise? I saw a jag painted this color recently and I think it is starting to grow on me. What other colors do you think would look great? I am not a fan of either sonic blue or fiesta red so don't just say those stock colors, this is a custom build afterall it should have some flair.

also, has anybody ever used the new water based paints that are out there now? supposedly clean up is much easier than before. I was looking on auto air colors' site and they have a pic of a strat painted with their stuff so I presume it is safe, but I just want to make sure.

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who is aug and how do I get a hold of him or her?

going to pick up another JS tonight so I have one to play while the original one I have is still in pieces.

Still need to decide on a color. Still leaning toward Ocean Turquoise but I saw a Caramel Copper Toronado at the House of Guitars last weekend and I have to say that looks hawt. I am leaning toward original fender colors because I want my hot rod JS to look like something the custom shop would have built...you know...before they started building mostly relic'ed garbage. I was considering Inca Silver with a candy tangerine comp stripe and black pickguard but I think that might look too plain, i kinda want this thing to pop without looking too gaudy.

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last time i talked to aug in cali he said he was done with it all and just doing high dollar repairs, he is actually going to school soon, or has already started.

i'm just focusing on some namm stuff and a neck thru for a guy in england, besides that, sorry man can't help you.

if you want to make your own its not hard and starting from scratch it only takes about an hour or so.

i did a "how to" on the shortscale.org forum a couple months back, if you go to the guitar projects section you may be able to find it.

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