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jagstang - to paint or not to paint?

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In my opinion:

if you are going to refinish it, do it for yourself and cause you like the color, not because you are going to "maximize the value" because honestly you will lose money.

A pro paint job has the potential to cost more than the guitar is worth. Not withstanding that, even if you managed to get her painted for say $300-400 professionally you are still into the guitar for what you paid for it and even then you may only be looking at a $500-$800 sale price. If you are going to do it yourself on the cheap you are probably not the best refinisher on the planet and will not get pro-results and pro money. Also I imagine if you were to repaint it you would want laquer and not the original poly finish as that would increase the value.

As a stock guitar, the most your axe will be worth is what it is worth right at this moment. In my opinion touching up the chip will make it look like you were trying to hide some defect in the wood, which that wood looks fine to me. I would give the guitar a good polish on the rest of the finish, and since that chip is not readily visible (it is on the bottom of the guitar) it may not hurt its worth too much.

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