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I've been noticing recently that playing loud in the studio often causes other problems with the recording process, but sometimes I cant get the right tone out of my amp otherwise.

I'm looking to get a real low wattage amp for the studio, I may check out the Cube actually, but I would just prefer to have genuine tube saturation for lead playing.

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I looked at getting a solid state for home use but after extensive testing in reverb music shop i settled on a blackheart 5 watt tube amp. The solid state amps had more on board effects, but its nothing i could not do with a good effects board. Most on board effects sounded bad.

On saying that i own a fender champ xd an its pretty good.

If anyones half decent at electronics you can build your own amp over at 18watt.com or ax84.com. I'm building one at the moment.

If it turns out well i'll post here, if it goes badly just look under the headline "twat fries self in amp shocker" in the paper.

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if it goes badly just look under the headline "twat fries self in amp shocker" in the paper.

i lol'd :lol:

but seriously has anyone tried a peavey valveking (100 watt head version)? i've been thinking about getting a good, loud (cheap) amp for gigging and this one looks pretty good...

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Sorry i took so long to reply here, been struck down with swine flu.

There are two ampegs, a warwick, Roland JC-120, a line 6 head and two peaveys.

The ampegs and warwick i would consider some of the better bass/ guitar amps i've ever played. The roland and peaveys a good solid guitar amps that dont require a whole lot of looking after. (you could throw a peavey amp through a brick wall).

The line six was on sale.

I don't think i'd go as far as to say they are as good as tube amps, but with a decent setup they can come pretty close to the sound, which is great if your on a small company budget. Most of our gear has to double as live equiptment as well, another reason to go ss. Tubes are very easy to break. Especially if you drive like i do.

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The main reason that tubes are so much better than ss is because you don't get chinese companies making knockoff #### tube amps with #### components.

Umm, not really #### (though they were at first).....but remember Bugera?

Bugera 333 = Peavey XXX (what Joe Satriani was using before the JSX)

Bugera 333XL = Peavey JSX (Joe Satriani)

Bugera 6260 = Peavey 5150 (Edward Van-Halen's old amp)

Bugera 6262 = Peavey 6505 (The current version of the 5150)

Bugera 1960 = Marshall JCM800 (the classic 80's rock amp)

Bugera 1990 = Marshall Jubilee (Slash/Saul Hudson's amp)

While they are outright copies, just like the outright copies of the Stratocaster that are sold by the millions year after year, they all sound a bit different from the amplifiers they were designed to clone, some people like this change (I do), others don't.

I have reason to believe the newest amps are sort of a conglomeration of various things including Bogner, Egnater, and the Fender Hot Rod Series.

Amp manufacturers copy each other all the time. Mesa-Boogie originally was born out of Mesa Engineering modifying old Fender Amps, then they built their first amp, the Mark I, for Carlos Santana in the 70's. Most stereo chorus amps are a rehash on the Roland JC-120 design (albeit with better overdrive). There are tons of Champ, Twin, Vox, and so on clones out there in looks, sound, and so on. Some cheaper made than others. Rarely is any music gear original and awe inspiring original anymore.

Back on topic

I'm starting to like my 333XL more now, it's been reliable since the fix in April, so I see no reason to have a backup. I sold my crate, and am considering getting another 333XL in the future for the rehearsal space so I don't need to haul a 47LB head with me all over hell and back.

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as far as recording volume in the studio, yea, sometimes you need to turn down, but you lose your normal "tone"

BUT! i have an old ampeg guitar amp that actually has a mute switch for the speakers and a left and right out xlr and 1/4" style, so that really helps out. you can throw on the head phones, crank it up and D.I. the beast.

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as far as recording volume in the studio, yea, sometimes you need to turn down, but you lose your normal "tone"

Ain't that the truth...

My band rehearses louder than we play live. Live we usually have a Sure SM57 on the Bugera offset on one of the speakers with the Bugera at halfway on the master and 3 on all the channels. At rehearsal, that master volume is high up, and sometimes the channel volumes are higher as well on the distortion channels.

Live the timbre is better because that amp's sweet spot is right on for the studio and live (I run at around the same volume for both), during rehearsals, mostly because our drummer has a monster kit and our bassist does not run Direct (just straight into 2 Orange Cabs, a 4X10, and one 1X15, with 800 watts of Markbass behind it), so I usually have the master almost all the way up, the the channels vary depending on how "alive" my tubes are that particular day (and how well biased they are as I Bias alot to get maximum power and the best tone possible).

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i was watching the sunday arts program the other day, some guy with a SG jr, and a Huge pedal board was playing a pathfinder. it sounded Awesome!

@ earth how do they compare to the originals? cos i was playing one the other day (original that is). cleans to die for but overdive sounded like ####! Hmmm....

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