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Chinese Squiers: Quality?


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I was talking to my cousin about his Squier Precision Bass. He gave me the serial number as EY01068306.

I'm assuming he meant CY01068306, as I have never seen nor heard of an EY Squier of any kind.

This would put his bass as a "Crafted in China" Chinese Squier made in 2001 in Yako, Taiwan.

What was quality like on these, compared to other Squiers (except the obviously superior Mexican, Japanese, and Korean)?

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Hey Cy, good to see you back.

Chinese CY Squiers... hmm. If I have a field of expertise, this is probably it :)

I own 2 (soon to be 3) CY guitars (my Jagmaster and my Telecaster) and I love them to death. The quality seems to me to be very acceptable. In fact, my Telecaster is also a CY01. The new guitar I am buying is another CY Telecaster (an 08) and when I took it out off the box to look at it, it was already more or less set up. They seem to have a bit of pride in Taiwan.

Watch out for Squiers with a CT serial number. The dude at the music shop made me compare a couple of Bullets (a CY and a CT), and the CY was VASTLY superior.

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Played a 2002 Indonesian squier strat which was better than my chinese 2005 one. My jagstang was better than both of them, but my 2001 squier stagemaster (CIC) is 3x better than all those guitars put together :lol:

I was asking Robb, not you. Don't care about your opinion.

Pedo. :lol:

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Hmmmmmmm....... a lot of hate on this forum. Neil wouldn't like it. Vivian would though. "I'VE JUST KILLED A HIPPY!"

dude I don't think anyone on here knows who Neil or Vivian are.

(PS what are you talking about u just killed a hippy... huh?)

This is who he means.


My dad sold a car to Nigel Planer y'know :wink:

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i just bought a chinese ,,squire stratocaster, vintage tuners on it, sounds huge and appears to be an 2008  model, but what,an whats it worth..?one ply thick pickguard,..8 screws.heavy on the clearcoat,looks 50 years age,gold coloured..serial number starts with cg,an goes on..cgrg08,designed an backed by fender,it sounds good or better than first classic vibe 50,s i had once..one normal string tree,and no fender logo on saddles etc..what do i have. i paid 70.00 an is well worth it it seems,nothing cheap about it,all is great..very hard to decode,or has someone changed something, sadles an input jack showing wear,all else is beautiful..somebody help..???

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