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List all the guitars you have EVER owned!

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I've only had a few in my short time of playing.

-Yamaha RGX112 (RIP)

-Yamaha RGX220 (heavily damaged )

-Ibanez AX20 (sold)

-Jap 70's J-bass copy

-"vintage" les paul

-Fender Mustang 69ri

-Ibanez ORM1

-Squier jagmaster

-some crap teiesco copy (sold)

-US tele, I think this was the most disappointing guitar, US teles are overrated Just buy a jap strat and be done with it (if you're after generic fender sound)!

I remember you had a Jagmaster for a short time as well :-D

Oh #### I knew I had forgotten something, I miss that guitar I wish I still had it so I could put some burstbuckers in it.

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An updated version of my Guitars101 Blog Post - complete with descriptions (to fill free time at work and blow off some steam, today has sucked).



1982 Yamaha G245SII Classical - "Angelita" - $250 w/HSC in 1982 from a Classical Guitar Store in Champaign Illinois - This is the guitar I learned on when I first started out, it currently resides in Alabama in my mom's closet.

19?? El Degas Classical - $FREE from Mr. Orr's Guitar Class (Opelika High School) - It sat around with holes in the top and the wrong strings on it in a practice room when I was in High School. Mr. Orr gave it to me and I started converting it to an Electric Acoustic, only to never complete it.

2004 Epiphone AJ8SCE "Veronica" - $198, Pawn X-Change, Everett WA - I bought this for an acoustic jam with Ancient Tongues guitarist/vocalist Stonedge back in 2008. It is my current main acoustic.

2004 Lauren Acoustic Guitar - $FREE, Todd's House, Marysville, WA - S66/DI's Bassist Todd gave this to me for free after his daughters put kitty stickers all over it and stuck it in a closet to be forgotten. It's my Alternate Tuning acoustic and Slide acoustic as the intonation is REALLY bad.



1985 Kramer Focus 3000 "Joy" - $250, Auburn Guitar Shoppe, AL - My first electric, bought for Christmas 1996 by my mom after I missed out on the Foto Flame Jazzmaster I wanted six months earlier. I currently still have this one, it's modded to hell and back and needs an overhaul something terrible.

1990 Harmony Strat Copy - $10, OHS Band Room, Jim Spain, AL - Bought this for $10 from a classmate with the hardware in a pickle jar. It was original sunburst, I repainted it Aqua, it had the second Pickguard I ever made (the first is the B/W/B one on my Kramer), which was made out of a piece of Plexiglass I found along Fredrick Rd in Opelika one afternoon.

1997 Harmony H-804 "Brittney" - $90, OHS Guitar Class, Wade Allen, AL - Bought off classmate Wade Allen, it was his first guitar. I immediately took it apart, refretted the neck, removed the black finish from the fretboard that wore off on the player's fingers, put in new pickups (initially EMG Selects that found their way into my Kramer), and rewired it with a Gibson wiring scheme. Later was repainted silver hammered metal and tuned down a whole step with flatwound strings.

1999 Home Built Van-Halen II Jazzmaster/Jaguar (later Baritone Guitar) - The first body I built using scrap wood from the lumber pile at Lowes. It was a scaled up and oversized Jazzmaster body made out of pine, with 2 single coils for a humbucker, a Kahler trem, and the neck off the Harmony Strat. It later had Jag-style electronics and had a plexiglass pickguard, and was set up as a baritone guitar till the neck fell apart.

1996 Fender Jag-Stang with EMG Pickups "Nikki" - $undisclosed, Auburn Guitar Shoppe, AL - I got a really good deal from Mark on this after it hung around the shop for a year, and has been the benchmark by which all my other axes are compared ever since. It's a lot more beat up than it was back then but pretty much the same guitar it was when I got it, one of the first I did not cut up to modify.

???? Warmoth/DiMarzio/Fender/EMG Parts Mutt Strat - $40.00, Pawn Shop, Montgomery AL - I bought this when I lived in Montgomery for awhile when Hawk found his Crate Blue Voo Doo amp. It got parted out into several other guitars (the Mutt Strat in particular, and the Striker after the neck went to my first Explorer).

2001 Home Built "Trashmaster" Teisco/Harmony/Ibanez Frankenstein - $10, Opelika, Spare Parts Bin I had - I built this out of the worst parts I had laying around - a cut up Teisco bass pickguard and control plate, a Harmony H-802 pickup, a Harmony H-804 neck with my first refret on it (not bad, playable, but not good either), cheap crappy tuners, a Harmony H-804/802 tailpiece and bridge, and a $10 Ibanez LA Humbucker from Crossroads Music before they went down the drain. The body was a Jazzmaster-like shape made out of pressure treated pine with a glued and nailed on construction grade plywood top painted in Krylon and Testors Model paint. It also had the Ground wire sticking out of the top. Despite the crappy parts, it came out the other side of the sucky meter at AWESOME.

2001 Home Built "Excalibur" Explorer Hondo/Kramer/Peavey Frankenstein "Kandi-Lynn/Kendalin" - $FREE, various sources, Opelika, AL - I got the body from my guitar teacher in high school (Mr. Orr), got the neck off the Kramer Striker ST-100 below, it's had a lot of parts swaps over the years, it currently has an EMG H and EMG 60 from the early 80's in it, and a Washburn Wonderbar.

2001 Squier Double Fat Telecaster Deluxe "Karen" - $Trade for Affinity Strat, David Tollerud, Montgomery, AL - David was the second lead guitarist in Lithium for awhile, I traded the Affinity Strat below for this guitar, eventually I got the strat back and wound up with BOTH guitars. This guitar was sold on E-bay to fund me moving in 2005. I never really got along with the set neck and strat hardtail with the arched top too well.

1998 Squier Affinity Stratocaster "Gladys" - $100, Chris Cargile, Opelika, AL - Bought from a classmate, was his first guitar, had a yellow blotch on the pickguard, which I replaced with a blue pearloid pickguard (the FIRST of my blue pearl strats). I had this guitar up until 2005, when I gave it to a girlfriend who harassed me about too much. It got stolen from her, and it still has not turned up till this day.

1984 Kramer Striker ST-100 "Valerie" - $75, Pawn Shop, Montgomery AL - This was actually liberated by Hawk. It later had the Warmoth Neck on it from the above $40 parts mutt strat. That neck now is on my Jagmaster, and the body for this resides in storage awaiting a new paintjob and probably a replacement J.Frog style neck.

1984 Arbor Strat Copy - $45, Pawn Shop, Opelika, AL - This guitar was DOA when I got it, hence why they knocked a huge sum off the price. I played it stock for awhile before consolidating the parts into my Black parts mutt strat. I don't remember what happened to the body.

2003 First Act Discovery "Kiddie's Guitar" - $70, Wal-Mart, Opelika, AL - I bought this after a ####ty day at work to make myself feel better. It was the little blue Les Paul copy with the built in amp. It stayed stock for awhile, but currently has an HSS config with Strat wiring, and is tuned up 1 step to F# standard.

1986 Kramer Focus 3000 "Merilou" - $150 w/HSC, Pawn Shop, Opelika AL - The last guitar I bought in Alabama. This was sold to a co-worker in 2005. It was in pristine condition, and my guitars get beat up, I felt it belonged with someone who'd baby it more than I would.

1999 Rogue/Harmony H-804 "Testybum Signature Guitar" - $25.00, Hot Lixx, Everett, WA - This thing was sitting around without a bridge at Hot Lixx music for awhile, I bought it to get another "beater" guitar, as well as had a new youtube idea to parody the Esteban ads with it. It currently is only a body in storage.

2004 B.C. Rich Bronze Series Warlock LTD Edition "Maggie" - $50, Pawn Central, Everett, WA - Bought in late 2005 as a part of a pair for $100 with my then room mate. She took the solid black one, I took this one that had better pickups but was a horrible glad-bag brown transparent color. I loaned it to a friend, and later got it back, which then I repainted it metallic blue and swapped the pickups out.

1988 Vester Concert Series II "Punch-Out" - $35, Hot Lixx, Everett WA - I bought this to cannibalize it for new tuners for my Jag-Stang in late 2005 as no shops had proper tuners, and Guitar Prison (Center) does not know a 3X3 from a 6 in line set of tuners. The guitar was put back together in late 2009, but is still not up to snuff for my standards, it needs some fretwork and better pickups.

2005 Home Brew Explorer Parts Mutt "Vester/Kramer/Aria/Ibanez" - $35, Hot Lixx Music, Everett, WA - I bought this body from Hot Lixx, it had a Kramer neck on it that had the pointy tip sawed off and rounded over. It had pickups from the Vester and an Ibanez non-locking vibrato unit on it, and sounded great, but the string path was horrible, it was eventually given to my ex-room mate.

2005 Home Brew Explorer Parts Mutt "Kramer/Arbor/Peavey" "MTD" - $35, Hot Lixx Music, Everett, WA - I built this out of an Arbor Explorer Body and a Kramer Focus 6000 neck I got from Hot Lixx. It had a Peavey Falcon humbucker in the bridge and a DiMarzio Super II in the neck, and a Floyd Rose II vibrato, it sounded great, but the neck joint was wonky. The body currently resides in storage.

2005 Black Parts Mutt "Squier/Arbor/DiMarzio" Strat "Gladys II" - $FREE, Everett, WA - I built this slowly out of various guitars I'd buy up from Hot Lixx/Pawn Shops, and use the parts to build this which was to be my ultimate strat copy for awhile. The body is from the Montgomery Pawn Shop strat above, the neck is now on my Squier Affinity Strat (listed below), and the Pickguard is on the Hohner strat. The body is now at my house being stripped for new paint.

1998 Fender Jaguar with Seymour Duncan Cool Rails Pickups "Bettie" - $650, The Guitar Hangar, Bought over the internet - I had a G.A.S. inspiring dream one night about Jaguars and Jazzmasters and a huge music shop, and just HAD to buy one, the $2000 I had in the bank at the time was burning a hole in my pocket, so I decided to put up to $700 of it down on a reissue Jaguar of some kind, and this was the best deal I could find. This ties with the Jazzmaster as "second Favorite" in my collection.

2006 Home Brew Flying Vee Parts Mutt "Aria/Gibson/Arbor" - $35, Hot Lixx Music, Everett, WA - I assembled this using the Arbor Strat neck, a Gibson 490R, and a hot wound humbucker of some sort, with an original Floyd Rose. This was my main 2 humbucker tremelo guitar before I got the Jagmaster. Currently the body is in storage.

2001 Squier Stagemaster-7 - $175, Father's Pawn Shop, Lynnwood, WA - I bought this in mid 2006 to do 80's covers that are normally done on Synths (so I could get a low enough range). It has not been seeing much use lately, but I still have it. Amongst the first of my guitars to get the pickups wax potted.

2004 Squier Affinity Stratocaster "Gladys III" - $80, Pawn Central, Everett, WA - I bought this stripped down Affinity Strat for $80.00, it had no strings, no knobs, and no pickup covers. I put it back together in late 2009/early 2010 and it has become my current main Strat. It's basically a rosewood board reproduction of the 1998 Squier Affinity listed above.

2007 Squier Jagmaster - $250ish, Kenally Keys Music, Everett, WA - I walked into Kenally Keys a week earlier to see if they still had the one I played in stock which was excellent. Against my will, the clerks ordered this guitar, and FORCED me to buy it, needless to say I was pretty pissed. To add insult to injury, it would not stay in tune, so I put a Floyd Rose on it and ####ed up the original neck cutting the nut shelf (something I'm fixing ATM). It currently hangs around my Girlfriend's apartment, with the Warmoth neck off the Striker on it, with the pickups out of the Red explorer in it, which made it far better than it was.

2007 Squier Affinity Telecaster Special "Karen II" - $184, Kenally Keys Music, Everett, WA - I bought this on a whim. I pulled it off the rack and pitted it against more expensive Telecasters and found that THIS was the Tele for me, and it's been my main Telecaster ever since. Presently it's slated to have a through body string vintage style bridge installed.

1973 Zenta/Dana/Sears Roebuck & Co. Telecaster - $50, Pawn X-Change, Everett, WA - I bought this on a whim as a restoration project. It was very dirty, had the wrong strings on it, and was missing a tuner, but it cleaned up really nice, and sounds and plays amazing for a Guyatone made piece of 60's-ish era Japanese cheese.

2007 First Act ME-537 - $100, Wal-Mart, Everett, WA - I bought this to build a Les Paul copy out of, eventually I had to sell it to pay some bills.

2008 First Act ME-636 (#1) - $100, Wal-Mart, Everett, WA - I bought this because it reminded me of Paul Dean (Loverboy's lead guitarist's) old Hondo sig model from the 80's. I had to sell it to pay a few bills in 2008.

2008 Dean ML-X - $200, Guitar Center, Lynnwood, WA - HSBC screwed the pooch and overcharged my Preferred Player's card. In order to get the money back, since they took my money hostage, I bought a guitar with the intent of selling it to get enough back to pay the bills, but just as I was about to sell this one or pawn it for cash, mom stepped in to help out. Currently I plan to do an anti-Guitar Center/HSBC paintjob on it because of this and the fact that they were sexist assholes to my girlfriend this year. I HATE Guitar Center.

2004 J.Reynolds Lefty Stratocaster Copy - $50.00, Pawn X-Change, Everett, wA - I bought this to play lefty and experiment with the strings being upside down. During tight times in 2008, I had to sell it to make the bills.

2008 Fender Jaguar HH Special "Little Moon" - $700, Kennally Keys Music, Everett, WA - I bought this guitar thinking it'd be cool to have another Jaguar around, and to cut down on my Trem use, but as it turns out, I did not like the sound of it (it was a little too tinny, the pickups were too weak, and the bridge system contributed greatly, I mucho prefer the Jaguar vibrato). I traded it in for the 1966 Fender Mustang Below.

1966 Fender Mustang "Stefanie" - $1000, Tommy's Guitar Shop, Everett, WA - I bought this after Tommy and his tech Rebuilt it. It had been hanging on the wall half a year already, and then they finished it in late 2008. The guitar had 2 problems initially the nut broke during rehearsal after 4 months (fixed that with gorilla glue and a Q tip), and the bass side spring adjustment screw was seized by rust, which I undid in mid 2010 using Gun Cleaner and WD40, and a pair of vice grips. This is another favorite of mine.

2009 Home Built "Fender Jazzmaster" "Candy-O" - $650, various parts sources, all around the world from Everett to Hong Kong - I built this guitar because the prices on Jazzmasters had darted up rather HIGH, and the Classic Player Jazzmasters never turned up in my neighborhood. Originally it was to be an Ocasek Clone, but now I'm glad I did a late 70's natural finish instead. Currently the second second fave. It's been gigged really heavily this year.

2004 Harmony 2183 (modern version of the H-804) - $25, Spence (Nilihelm) - Youtube viewer Nilihelm had been talking awhile, and he needed to get rid of 2 guitars - this one, and the Kay below. I got this in a box full of blankets, and put it back together. With a few tweaks and a new Nashville TOM, it actually plays pretty good though it still needs some minor fretwork to play at the top of it's game.

2004 Kay KE-17 - $25, Spence (Nilihelm) - This is the other of Spence's guitars that went to me. Currently it's undergoing a full overhaul to have a Kahler, a 3 coil Motherbucker (built by me), and a neck single coil....sort of like a poor man's Hamer Phantom, but repainted white, so I can do some cool stuff with fake blood.

2008 First Act ME-636 - $100, Wal-Mart - Marketed under the 222 Series (but still the same as the last guitar), I bought this and then routed it for a neck humbucker, and put the bridge pickup out of my first act ME-431 in the neck position. I use it occasionally but it does need Wax Potted something horrible.

2009 Daisy Rock Retro H-12 String - $177, Kenally Keys Music, Everett, WA - I'd been wanting a 12-String for awhile. I eventually plan to put some better pickups in it though, Firebird style humbuckers don't sound good on a 12-string electric, I need something with more Jangle, like a Rickenbacker or Jaguar pickup, I'm tempted to put some surface mount Jazzmaster pickups and 1 meg pots in this guitar.

2007 Yamaha Pacifica 112v - $150, Kenally Keys Music, Everett, WA - I'd seen this guitar sitting on the rack for almost 2 years, and nobody had bought it yet. It's missing the Truss Rod cover but otherwise in mint condition. I've been playing it a little more often recently, I really like the neck. It's been gigged once.



1987 B.C. Rich Ironbird Bass "Carrie" - $210, Bubba Lewis Music, Valley, AL - Mom bought this for me in 1997, I picked it out as my first bass because it looked different. Later on I put Seymour Duncan invader guitar pickup pole pieces into the DiMarzio P-Bass pickup, which gives it an edgy loud sound compared to what it originally had.

1985 Segovia Bass - $80, Pawn X-Change, Everett, WA - I bought this bass for $80 out the door, it had a warped neck, seized bridge, broken pot shafts, and vulgar stickers, totally punked out. I straightened the neck after leaving it unstrung for awhile. I sold it for $50 to a co-worker, who I bought it back from, and then replaced the bridge, and since then, it's become my 2nd favorite bass to play.

2007 Epiphone EB-0 - $150, Guitar Center, Lynnwood, WA - I bought this on a whim while out with a potential date a few years ago. She pointed it out and I bought it when I found I liked the neck. However, this bass has been a PITA at times as it does not have stable tuning and is a little too tubby for my usual preferred musical style. Currently it's on loan to Ancient Tongues.

2008 Fender Mustang Bass - $800, Guitar Center, Lynnwood, WA - I bought this after eyeing and GASing for one for 2 years. Currently it's my main bass guitar, and it has my favorite neck in the house as far as the basses go.

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My fave was....
5th: 1998 Squire Strat

Black with a white pickguard.The Bridge humbucker out of the Lotus.Snapped the neck and threw it to the crowd.

It subtly implies that he is a major rock star playing major gigs. He doesn't play to an audience, he plays to a CROWD!!!

It was the first actual gig I played.I think there where about 300 people.Before then I only played at friends party's in front of maybe 40 people.

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Hmm, well i guess i should post all of mine, most of which are right handed strung lefty for obvious reasons :lol:

Black Kay american heritage series acoustic guitar

lefty Black Fender korean made Strat

Lefty Cherry Epiphone G-400

Natural Burst Decca Bass

Lefty Black Dean edge 09 bass

Sky Blue Charvette(squier of Charvel) 150

Lefty Black Hondo les paul

Red Mexican Fender Strat

Lefty Sonic Blue Fender Jag-Stang

Fender Resonator

Ive only been playing for about 5-6 years, most of these are from garage sales/pawn shops, excluding the fenders, dean, and epiphone guitars :-D

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My fave was....
5th: 1998 Squire Strat

Black with a white pickguard.The Bridge humbucker out of the Lotus.Snapped the neck and threw it to the crowd.

It subtly implies that he is a major rock star playing major gigs. He doesn't play to an audience, he plays to a CROWD!!!

It was the first actual gig I played.I think there where about 3000 people.Before then I only played at friends party's in front of maybe 40 people.

my first gig was to about 25 people, so I doubt it.

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It was the first actual gig I played.I think there where about 3000 people.Before then I only played at friends party's in front of maybe 40 people.

my first gig was to about 25 people, so I doubt it.

It seemed a bit excessive to me (for that matter, smashing guitars is ridiculous to me, as well) so I just let it slide :-D

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cheap strat copy in a gross fiesta red like shade. destroyed.

tanglewood sg copy. still play it. nicely beat up. 10s. everythings stock. doesnt stay in tune very well. built atrociously.

tanglewood acoustic. POS. needs replacing. impossible to play. doesn't even sound good for slide guitar.

Fender CIJ 66ri BnB in CAR. Currently stock. Probably will stay stock until November after the big custom pedal purchase is made and I replace the saddles. I like the thin sounding pickups.

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Dean acoustic: plays really nicely blah blah blah, fairly nice guitar.

epiphone les paul: don't play it anymore at all. doesn't even have 6 strings on it, was nice when i liked it.

jackson dk2m: next.

Yamaha bass:cheap as chips, i just wanted a bass really...

martin colleti:something my dad had when he was a lad so its from like the 60s, all rusted but fine for slide.

Cp jazzmaster: i love it.

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First guitar, which I still have, is a 1983 Washburn HB-35 (335 copy made in Japan).

Next I got my 2002 Gibson SG Special Faded, my favourite guitar.

Then I think I got my acoustic, a LAG Spring model.

Then would have been the American Fender HSS Strat, which was butterscotch blonde with a black pickguard and maple neck. Sounded good, played okay, looked terrible in retrospect.

That strat got traded in for another strat, an American one from the late 90s with vintage hardware, in Candy Apple Red, rosewood neck.

Then THAT strat got traded in for my Crafted In Japan Fender Jaguar, which I've had ever since.

It's weird, having owned two strats, I can say that I love how they sound, and think they look alright, but generally don't get on with how they play. I think it's the longer scale length, just doesn't feel right to me. And how thin the necks tend to be.

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How did you get the jagmaster so cheap?

I think the shop just didn't know how much it was worth. Before I bought it, there was another one in there in black that was

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I have had a few in the last 14 years that I have been playing.


1. Crappy Tele that I made in 8th grade in Guitar Club: it was my first electric, in my middle school they had a club you joined and paid 25 or 30 bucks and in the end you get a guitar that you get to help build.

2. Cheap Ibanez Acoustic

3. Aria Pro Strat copy

4. Ibanez RG270 in Metallic Green with a maple fret board, put some emg's in it. 81 in the bridge SA in the middle, and a 85 in the neck. Currently needs a new floyd trem.

5. A Jackson Dinky, thats basically just a neck and body at the moment.

6. BC Rich Warlock, snaped the neck and lost that thru the years and still have the body though.

7. Mini exlporer/jackson Kelly that I built in wood shop.

8. Fender MIM Telecaster, recently just traded in

9. Schecter Gryphon-7 that recently was traded in too.

10. 73 Fender Bronco

11. LTD DV8-R Dave Mustaine sig model. Still have, but has been collecting a lot of dust in the last few years.

12. SRV Sig strat, pretty much stock except I replaced the pickguard with a red pearl one.

13. Fatdog/warmoth Jag-Stang that I will be able to pick up in about a week and I'll post some pics then.

14. Epi Les Paul jr that I had for years but never used and my current band, the other guitarist didn't have a electric so I gave it to him to borrow and then ended up just giving it to him.

15. Some cheap yamaha copy of a strat that I got from one of my girlfriends friends.


1. Squier MIJ Bullet bass

2. 5 String I built in Wood shop that is based on Les Claypools Rainbow bass.

3. Fatdog Jazz bass copy. Recently Traded in.

I also got a Fender Banjo, I got it from a store that was going out of business, and it was only $25 and originally it was a litte more then $300, greatest deal on an instrument I have ever had.


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2. 5 String I built in Wood shop that is based on Les Claypools Rainbow bass.


being a Primus fan, this id love to see :-wow

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2. 5 String I built in Wood shop that is based on Les Claypools Rainbow bass.


being a Primus fan, this id love to see :-wow

Hey Paltic, I just put up two pic's of the bass, its a pretty bad camera phone pic but it will at least give you a idea of what it looks like. :-D

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2. 5 String I built in Wood shop that is based on Les Claypools Rainbow bass.


being a Primus fan, this id love to see :-wow

Hey Paltic, I just put up two pic's of the bass, its a pretty bad camera phone pic but it will at least give you a idea of what it looks like. :-D

dude cant find the pics in your myspace pages. can you just post it in here or give me a link? :-D

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The ones I own currently are in bold.


Fender Jazzmaster(MIJ, CAR)

Fender Jaguar(MIJ, CAR)

Fender Mustang Reissue(CIJ, Competition Blue)

Fender Mustang Reissue(CIJ, Sonic Blue)

Fender Mustang 65 Reissue (Dakota Red)

Fender AVRI Jazzmaster(Sunburst)

1973 Guild S100(brown)

1978 Fender Bronco(Surf Green, bitch)

1972 Fender Musicmaster(White, finish partially sanded off, bridge pickup added)

1993 Gibson Les Paul Studio(Trans Red)

2003 Gibson SG Special(Worn Cherry)

2004 Gibson SG Special(Worn Brown)

Eastwood Airline Reissue

197(?) Hagstrom Swede(Made in Sweden, Black)

197(?) Univox Les Paul Copy(Black)

Epiphone Les Paul Special II

Fender Telecaster Standard(MIM, Midnight Wine)

Fender Stratocaster Standard(MIM, Midnight Wine)

Fender Highway One Stratocaster(Black)

Fender Cyclone(MIM, Sunburst)

Epiphone Dot(Sunburst)

Ibanez Artcore AFS75T(Trans Red)

Parts Jazzmaster(Aenmaster, green)

Fender Jazzmaster(AVRI, black)

1966 Fender Jaguar(Sunburst)

Univox Les Paul copy(natural)

Fender Mustang assembled from vintage parts of varying years

1969 Fender Maverick(IBM refinish)

1982 Fender Telecaster Elite

A couple Squier Strats that were given to me

I may add more to this later, as I'm sure I've forgotten some.


Some old Harmony, unsure what model

Some old Epiphone, unsure what model

This ugly Fender parlor acoustic in like a Macaroni and Cheese transparent color with a quilted top and only a spaghetti style "F" inlay at the 12th fret. Very ugly with the exception of the fretboard.

Martin DX1


Fender Standard Jazz Bass(MIM, sunburst)

Lotus P-Bass copy(Pearl White)

Epiphone Allen Woody Signature(Trans Red)

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I've got everything I've ever had, which is:

2001 Squier Bullet Hardtail bridge, Baltic Blue with a black/white/black pickguard

Drive Wildfire bass (don't know what year, there are no marking or serial #) black

Peavey Millennium AC BXP bass, maroon with a black headstock

Behringer strat knock-off, black with white guard. the neck is warped and it needs some TLC

Lotus acoustic, made in Korea... kind of has a yellow to cherry red sunburst, belonged to my like great grandfather or something. The neck is warped and the action is really high, it's a really pretty guitar.

and a guitar I'm building from scratch, it's gonna be sonic blue with a red tort gaurd.

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Ibanez Gio- My 1st. It was an SG styled guitar. I had it for about a year before I snapped the headstock off. I didn't care too much because the heel of the neck was so big that I couldn't play above the 12th fret. I still plan on buying a new neck for it because the body sounded okay unplugged so I might be able to make something out of it.

Epiphone Les Paul special 2- I got this about 6 months after I bought the Ibanez. The neck felt terrible, and I ended up selling it about 1 month after I bought it for $150. I actually made a decent profit from that piece of ####.

Squier jagmaster- I used the $150 from the Epi, and $200 from my mom to buy my jagmaster. It's still the best guitar I own, and I love it to death. I had to replace the bridge pup for a Fender humbucker, and I eventually want to put a mustang bridge, and a Bigsby tail piece on it.

First act- I got this because I liked the body shape, and I plan on modding it at some point. The neck was terrible so I got rid of it, and I plan on using the body for a project at some point.

Cheap SG copy- I got this off of Craigslist for $70. The frets were terrible so I decided to rip them off, and make it a fretless. I currently have it in ostrich tuning (DDDDDD).

SX SJM 62- I got this from Rondo a few months ago. This is the only guitar that I like almost as much as my jagmaster. It was only $130ish, and I would have gladly paid about $200 more.

Ibanez acoustic- My mom gave me this, and it's pretty good. It had a piezo system that sounded terrible so I disconnected it. It's purple with a single cut away. I eventually plan on putting on a pickup so it'll be similar to John Lennons acoustic.

No name acoustic- This is a dreadnought that my aunt gave to me last summer. It sounds really nice, and I keep it in open G. The only think I dislike about it is the abalone.

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Mann Les Paul Custom copy, sunburst

SG copy

Yamaha Classical

Yamaha Acoustic

*1970s Fender 12 String Acoustic

*1976 Gibson Les Paul Custom, ebony

*Squier Super-Sonic, blue sparkle

*1977 Fender Stratocaster, hardtail, rosewood board, black

*Squier Super-Sonic, black

Squier Jagmaster (Vista), Sonic Blue

*1971 Fender Competition Mustang Bass, blue

*Squier Telecaster Thinline, converted to Esquire, black

*1970 Fender Competition Mustang, blue

*Squier Super-Sonic, silver sparkle

*Squier Super-Sonic, white

*2010 Fender Dick Dale Acoustic, red

*Squier Venus XII, black

*Squier Super-Sonic, silver sparkle (will be fiesta red)

* = still in my possession

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1.) 3/4 size classical, Unkown brand

Gathering dust

2.) Candy Apple Red Aria strat clone

On the wall in my barn

3.) Black Jay Turser strat clone

in peices

4.) Silver Fernandes Soloist

Lost the lock nuts for the floyd rose

5.) Black-Red-Yellow sunburst Fender P-Bass

sweet bass

6.) Taylor 714-ce

bridge is coming off so i had to unstring it

7.) Black Peavy bass

decent bass that stays in tune for incredibly long periods of time

8.) Lake Placid Blue Warmoth SG

soo sweet

9.) Elger Classical

my old beat up guitar that i take everywhere

10.) Vintage tint Mustang (not finished yet)

starting build this weekend

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