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Looks like a Duo-Sonic that some kid kicked the #### out of. The paint job is some weird cherry burst. I could never roll with something like this, Not because of the mojo but I think 50's-60's Duo's are just lousy and look ugly. Duo-Sonic II are defiantly gems though. My opinion is just from growing up playing guitars like these.

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I'm assuming that he purposely reliced it, and it does look very cool,

but if not, how the f do you make the guitar so f-ed up? :? did he play it with a chainsaw or something? wow... I've had my Fender stratocaster-Ultra for 13 years and it only has some discoloring, fret-wear but not even a single crack or a dent...

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you guys may think less of ween for seeing that but they Are bloody awesome, like almost TMV good. no i am not joking, they have made some #### crazy good albums. they made like 5-6 albums just using a DAT and a 4 track.....


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Cool as ####!

The thing is, old Duos and MMs were unwanted for a long time, they were just lower end student guitars that got badly abused and modded.

Its only the last few years people are realising they are hidden gems, and the last affordable vintage Fenders.

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Its a late 50's/very early 60's duo sonic, the non offset variety. Its cherry burst BTW.

Its modded as it has no toggle switch on the lower wing, either that or its a modded music master with an extra pup added.The toggle is where the tone pot should be.

So its either a DS or MM, they were identical guitars except for duo's had two pups and MM's had one, both had the exact same routes under the pickguard.

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The first models didnt have the offset waist like the mustang does,later they just became the same as the mustang. the DSII and MMII are offset. The bronco is offset too but its not the same shape as the mustang or DSII or MMII,similar but not quite...the upper horn is slightly different.

(right click view image to see whole body shape of these pics)

Non offset duo:


Offset duo:(identical to mustang bodies,all later mustangs were given arm and tummy contours too)


Music master1:


Music master II:


Bronco: (Notice the upper horn is different to the mustang and DSII/MMII.The waist and butt is slightly different too)


Some duosonics,musicmasters and mustangs were even shorter scale than 24,they were 22,5. The MM 1 pic is one.

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