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** Best Fender Jaguar setup **

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< ripoff >

Repair Prices as of October 2004


Electric Guitar $ 80.00

Electric Bass $ 70.00

Service a previously setup guitar $ 30.00

Fret Job $165.00

New Nut $ 70.00

Fit Tuning Machines $ 60.00 plus parts

Broken Neck/Headstock: from $ 90.00, reglue only

Fit Floyd Rose, existing cavity $240.00 plus $40 if under route is required

Replace input jack: from $ 30.00

Install pickups, switches: from $ 45.00

Fit Buzz Feiten Tuning System:

Std. Bridge $220.00

Floyd Rose Style Bridge & Nut $300.00

Bass $210.00

Recompensation $ 50.00 where nut is still applicable

< /ripoff >


it's all in AUD$ (xe.com for conversion rates etc) and don't forget that pickup installation price is for a "straight install"... re-route etc for the two pickups.. like i said. expensive :?

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I'm guessing your a young kid with little to no knowledge of setting up/modding/maintaining your guitar. No worries, mate, you aren't alone. For now, all I can suggest to you is this: read the FAQ's, the mods, and surf the net...there's a wealth of knowledge out there...educate yourself. But, whatever you do, don't even think of touching that guitar until you have a firm grasp on what you are doing. Then do the work yourself. We (on this forum) will do our best to help you along, the best we can. :-D

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eheh those were my thoughts exactly! i'm not that young (18 :/), even though i sound like im 12, but still you were right about being a total greener. yeah i was hoping to find a squire strat at the 2nd hand dealers here for like $50 so i can rip it apart.. or any cheap electric.. just to have something to muck around with.. lol, however quite predictiably it was about $20 less than a brand new one. prices here are so stupid!! :evil:

well atm ive got a few websites which i've printed out and literally sit there and read it bit by bit but i dont learn from reading stuff, im more of a "do-er" lol.. so lets just hope i find a decent electric i can rape 8)

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Hehehe yeah, I think I might get cheaper SD Jazzmaster pickups (works out to about 60-70$ cheaper than the JB+Jazz Hum combination) and get them put in and then buy a cheap Squier.. I think the Bullets are the cheapest here, and just learn from there..

also one thing, you know with the larger pickups like the hummers and jazzmaster pups well, this might sound stupid.. but do you need to actually cut the body of the guitar to fit them in? I've never actually seen what's behind the pickguard. My thought was you only have to cut the pickguard to be able to fit the pups in, which isn't a big issue in my case because I'm getting a black pickguard, something different you know.

by the way it's not my fault im so lame, the scene here is dead. none of my friends play an instrument, they're all into trance, house music, rnb, sappy bull####! i would love to come live in the united states or even canada, just somewhere were DECENT music is actually appriciated.

also, what tools would i need when i get the squire bullet? like is there a decently-priced tool set that i can look at, or even any toolset so i can see if i have them around the house, like use it as a checklist almost :lol:

any help will be appriciated.

Augustus_McCrae you've been great help, I haven't yet thanked you for it! So yeah, thanks heaps dude!

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1. With the cheaper pups, you'll get a weaker signal. Be forewarned. But, they WILL do.

2. The bullet guitar only has the bridge bucker (if memory serves) and if you want to install a neck pup, there'll be NO route for that. You'll have to route that out.

3. You should be able to put *any* humbucker in the bridge position, but, like I said, the neck position will need to be routed.

4. Tools. Hmm...that's difficult, cause you *could* hack the hell out of it with rudementary chisels, or spend the bucks and get a decent router. Either way, you'll need to talk to grampa about that. :lol:

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hehe, i have my ccnp which is a sorta geek kinda thing for computers/networking.. shoite im good for something after all. :-D

has anyone seen/used the virtual jaguar? it was floating around on some URL where you can play around with the switches and see what does what? i used it as a revision test kinda thing and i got all of them right.. i felt so proud.. next steps actually recognizing the sound and changing accordingly.. then maybe if i have time, i might actually try and learn how to play :P:P:P

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i was just wondering if anyone knew of a site with step-by-step instructions on how to install a hummer.. i was just interested in giving it a look over.. like, i'm not going to do it just yet (still need the router :-D ) but it'd be good to get an idea etc.. i'm actually really really interested in the whole thing now...

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full size humbuckers in (originaly) single coil guitars, is pretty much frowned upon and unneccessary nowadays. as you can get single coil size humbuckers that do a job.

installation of a humbucker is pretty straightforward though. you simply buy a humbucker template (i think stewmac have them). then use a bearing over router bit to simply follow the template once you have clamped it onto you guitar body and pickguard.

it is a shame joey's old site isn't still in existence. it gave a great guide to using and learning about routers and router bits

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I also heard something about losing tone or sustain with the Mustang bridge, I'm not sure why it would, but that's what I've heard, innit. Is that true?

Unfortunately, nobody has invented a "sustainometer" to actually test this out, so it could just be chalked up to placebo effect.

Yeah, you're probably right, and I'm not sure how that'd happen either. (not you being right...the sustain thing...)

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hey there

i would like as many replies as possible because i think each and everyone of you has a #### great opinion and the more i have the easier it becomes for me to make a desicision! so spare like, 2minutes of your time for a complete greener! :oops:

the following things are what i'd like to modify my jaguar with:


first is the bridge, i already purchased it but haven't yet installed it! i just started getting lessons and the guy said he'd be happy to put it in for me for free as his a top bloke!



a selector switch (again please feel free to correct me if i can't use it or if my understanding of what the specific hardware/part does!) which i want a chrome one. now i don't want to ever have the bass cut on, so i just want to be able to use the 2 pickup selectors so from that i suppose i'll just need a "on/on/on" switch for one, two, both?

http://www.stewmac.com/shop/Electronics ... tches.html


i have won the bid for these and yeah. i think they look awesome. i didn't like the total "gibson" type which is fatter, i like how it's a total cone type shape :D looks wicked and would be easier to grip, but not really a "pro" in that sense lol..

http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll ... %3AIT&rd=1


as someone suggested the SD hot rails (i listened to the clips off the seymour duncan website and thought it was alright, but i could be mislead being the greener i am as they could have a wicked amp as comparred to my crappy roland cube30 which i'll be updating for christmas :D)

http://www.guitarpartsresource.com/pick ... atshr1.htm

any other opions on pickups? feel free to post it! i originally wanted the SD Jazzmaster Soapbars but everyone on the forums told me not to go with the big humbucker type pickups (or was it specifically humbuckers? i don't know!) and to stick with single coils.


the pickguard!

http://cgi.ebay.com/Black-Pearl-Fender- ... dZViewItem

I want the black pearl! I think it looks so awesome! Nuff said! Plus I'd like to keep my red tortoise safe because it's special. my first pickguard <3.


the strings! i would like the .11 instead of the stock .9! .9 is the stock right? i don't know, i just prefer a bit bigger so it doesn't move off the damn bridge!



this is the price breakdown (approx, but mostly exact):

toggle switch: $12.53 USD

pickguard: $27 USD

d'addario strings: $5.99 USD

witchhat knobs: $12.79 USD

which comes to a total of $58.31 USD which is $78.46 AUD for you aussies! add about $12 for shipping to that but that's not really important.

and also the pickups, which approx $75 each.. so yeah

all up about $220 this project is going to cost me, i doubt i'd have to pay for any of the work but i might have to do some of the smaller jobs on my own like the knobs and pickguard, the switch i suppose i'd need help with but still i wouldn't trust myself 100% just yet! probably need to practice! anyway i hope to get this all done by December 15th when school finishes and i'll be concentrating 100% on music!

please post your opinions etc, i know this is long so yeah. < /lifestory > :P

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I cant give you advice on all that, but here's what i can say:

1. the bridge is an easy drop in install (unless you bought the saddles only..which means you have to take out the jag saddles and replace them with the mustang saddles, which is what I did.) Saddle replacement can be a bit of a tedious job, but once you get it, its an easy, moderately quick install.

2. Strings. Go for whatever gauge you like. I use EXL110s on my Jag, and they are just right. If you go for a heavier gauge, they will not slip as much on the Jags saddles (and therefore possibly cause you to re-think replacing them with mustang ones...check it out first :) )

Can't help with switches, as i havent done any mods to my Jag besides the bridge. next up is some SDJAG-1s

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right the mustang bridge.... your gonna slap yourself m8

loosen the guitar strings and take them out of the tuners

useing your right (or leaft) hand grab hold of the jaguar bridge and pull

it's not attached so it will pull right out .

take your mustang bridge and put in the same place your jaguar bridge came from.

make sure the screws face the but of the guitar.

about everthing else , its realy up to you m8 .

oh and please stop saying greener it may mean something different over in oz but hear it means long thick green SNOT! :-D

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lol! thanks for that, i might actually try it now! wish me luck :P

as for the whole greener thing.. lol, well i thought that line was used even before i was born! from my understanding it means someone who is "new to the scene" and possibly not hip to the lingo :P

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cool well, i just finished and i hope i did it right!

the guy giving me lessons was wearing out the high e string by pulling it and stuff, and he snapped it and replaced it with a d'addario 10gauge one... that was a bastard to put back in because it was alot shorter than the other ones and it was so tiny! well heres the pics, don't hesitate to tell me if i did anything wrong or if i've totally buggered the thing up! it'd save me grief in the future! otherwise if i've done it well, congratulate me! because i didn't even know how to re-string a guitar as i've never tried before this! :P

to be honest it feels a bit high for me? i don't know, all i did was place it in.. there were two metal "covers" on the edges which came with it i sorta thought it was a cover as it didn't fit.. was i right/wrong about it? lol, i'm hopeless!

click to enlarge!



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hehe thanks dude! i dunno much about it so i'll just do it a little bit seen as though my tutor said that it was low on the jaguar bridge.. so i might do it a couple mm's above the jaguar one :))

woot! was my birthday yesterday (today if you're living in the U.S, the 3rd of November) and like i came out alright! can't wait to see what the parents got. i'd prefer money to put towards my savings for a 65 fender twin reverb but i think they'll end up getting my something corny like a knitted sweater...

keep the sheep warm this winter by buying fetch a new amp!


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hmmm i can't seem to find an allen key around the house so im gonna have to go to the store to buy one

do i have to take the strings out again to adjust it or can i do it with the strings still there? i really don't know how high/low it should be so i'll keep guessing and re-posting pictures till i get it right if that's ok with you guys :-D

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