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Lefty Jaguar headstock photos wanted!

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My lefty Jag has been repainted. She's now black, including the headstock... so.... I want to put a decal back there so people are well aware it's a real Fender Jag, but I'm not sure exactly where to place it? I bought it this way, and I can't really find any headstock photos that have both words "Fender Jaguar" .... so can all you lefties out there post some pics for me?


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They usually just have the fender logo in a color that will stand out from the black.

Yes, and they look best this way too. They look silly with the Fender up towards the end like this one:


You can still put the Jaguar decal on but put it in the same position as on a righty so the headstock would read "Jaguar Fender" This or just the plain Fender looks best IMO.

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