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Musicmaster neck for a '78 Mustang?

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Hi, I'm new here.

I have owned a 1978 Fender Mustang for about 12 years. It's got a nice Maple neck on it that has always had an awful refret. I've kept it as is since it felt good and wasn't bad enough to slow me down but now the awful frets are totally smushed down on the low end of the neck and I think it's time for a change.

SO, I'm thinking instead of a refret job, which can be real expensive, I might go for a second hand Fender neck, maybe with a rosewood board.

Musicmaster necks go for less money than Mustang necks. From what I've read there is no difference other than the logo (I'm looking for a 24" scale).

Can these be swapped without any trouble? Do I need to look for a 1978 model or will any post 1968 model work? (I've heard the pre 68 necks aren't an exact match, is this true?).

Thanks for any help. Sorry to jump in with so many questions right away.

I'll post some photos of my mustang soon. I know you like to see the goods.

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I'm still hunting for a mustang neck, but there is a 78 musicmaster neck on ebay that looks pretty nice. I hope to spend less than 200 dollars for the neck (including shipping) and that's hard to do with any mustang parts that aren't in rough shape and I'm looking for an improvement in playability over my stock maple neck.


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