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Well, we have a thread for the Jag-Stang, Jaguar, and Mustang. While I understand that's the common basis ("Nirvana Guitars"), figured maybe there should be a Jazzmaster thread as there seems to be some interest in one.

So I guess I'll start with my recent build, took some outside shots the other day, will have some new ones later this week.







Current Specs

Neck - Squier Affinity Series Stratocaster

Body - Ash Allparts Jazzmaster Body

Pickups - The Pickup Wizard Pickups 8.8K (bridge), infinity K (neck), works on magic

Controls: ACME Wiring Kit, USA Spec, CTS pots, Cloth Wiring, stock config

Trem: Aftermarket no-name Floating Trem, Aftermarket Japanese style bridge with Mods

Trim: EDEN pickguard (modified to fit correctly), Black Allparts Witch Hats

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sweet mike, hoping to get a jazzmaster soon, but still can;t decide between the japanese or the classic players one. . what do u guys think?

I go for the Japanese ones with upgraded pickups myself. That was the first Jazzmaster I ever played was one of these...1994 Foto Flame MIJ Jazzmaster with Seymour Duncan Vintage Jazzmaster pickups. I was OBSESSED with this guitar for the month it stayed at the Guitar Shoppe. I finally had a chance to buy it and found out it sold FIVE MINUTES before I got in the door....rats.


In Europe:

Jazzmaster classic player: 777

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So i lean towards the CP one because of the tunomatic (like my les paul) which doesnt have all the problems of the original bridge. but how bad are the problems on the original bridge?

thanks for your help,

I have a Japanese bridge on my home-built Jazzmaster.

What I do to all of my Jag/Jazz bridges as used on the CIJ/MIJ series is the following

- Depending upon the setup, I use a shorter intonation screw on the Low E string to keep the screw from touching the string.

- I put two stronger (and thicker) springs on the outermost bridge saddles to stop buzzing and hold the inner saddles in place.

- I play the guitar a lot so the natural acid/dirt from my hands gums up the threads on the bridge saddle grub screws a bit. Once the bridge is "broke in", it's usually when the saddles have turned a pale gray color instead of chrome.

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i know the jap jazzmaster sounds good, but the cp jazzmaster sounds really good, i like tun o matics etc. and i think i will just have to try them both and see what i think.

Stang bridges are good too. That thing you said about palm muting will always occur on guitars with such small radiuses, but you'll get used to it

then ill get the cp one which has a 9.5 radius neck :P



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I dun own a Jazzmaster but if I did it would look something like this:


or I'd have a J Mascis Jazzmaster 'cuz when I played one it was oh so nice and has made me an eternal fan of them


or the most likely is I'd buy a sunburst one and replace the pickguard and pickup covers with black (I've always been a fan of black on sunburst) and put black witchhat knobs on it.

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Don't know why, but those mascis JMs didn't go down that well. They seem to be riddled with problems and people don't like the high action and the novelty fades off the purple quickly. Not really something I'd buy even as an investment

The one I played had VERY nice action, also I like the purple cuz it's cool not for the novelty of it. But there are other guitars I like better, but as far as jazzys go the j mascis is prabably my favorite.

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yaay this thread has been stickied :)

nah i dont like purple sparkle. . is a bit of a novelty

I think it depends on the guitar. For example a purple sparke tele would be :-hateit

silver sparkle tele wldnt be too bad. . .

I wasn't saying sparkle in general would be bad on a tele, I was simply stating that purple sparkle would be bad. I'm gonna be getting a tele kit off of guitarfetish soon and I was actually planning on painting it red sparkle.

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