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Mosrite Project


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For some time i wanted a Mosrite, due to Johnny Ramone of course but could never afford one. So i decided to build one.

My last project (JS) was a struggle at times so i tried to set my plans out on this one so things ran smoothly. Hmm.

MDF? Yep, bad choice, but its cheap, readily available and finishes well. Plus i thought if it goes wrong i wont but losing much... considering the MDF coast me

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Another stage complete. I filled and sanded back the edge where any damage was then routed the bullnose edge, there may be a little more filling to do but i probably wont see it until i apply the sanding sealer.

I think its looking pretty good at this stage. :D


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One of my local guitar stores has a Johnny Ramone Mosrite tribute in stock. The thing plays and sounds amazing. If I had the cash I would snap that sucker up in an instant... I wish you the absolute best of luck with this build and very much look forward to seeing and hearing the final result!!

Question: Are you going to incorporate a zero fret like what is used on Johnny's?? I think it definitely adds to the feel and low action of the guitar(at least on the tribute version it seems to anyway). The only suggestions otherwise I would make is to make sure to shield the hell out of the pickguard and maybe check out the Lace "Holy Grail" pickups for the neck position single coil. They sound absolutely amazing, practically JUST like vintage single coils (no hum, of course) and far exceed every other manufacturer's attempt at a hum-canceling single coil out there (IMO).

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Aye, i understand the original had a really thin neck, small frets, the zero fret, etc. But i wont be going to them lengths, as finding a neck like that will just blow the whole budget out of the water.

I intend to use a Strat scale neck but with a 3 a-side headstock, and i am going to reshape the headstock like a Mosrite. As long as it looks right i dont mind, i never intended to copy it exact. I dont have the cash/ or the skillz.

If there is money left ant the end of the project i would like to fit a DiMarzio FS-1 as that was the pickup Johnny used.

*Edit* kid w/ jstang: Thay model in your shop, is it the Eastwood version?

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Fran, the things I would do to that guitar when it was finished...

Me (to your guitar): Oh baby, first I'm gonna slap some heavy-gauge strings on you... Then I'm gonna put a lipstick tube pickup in the neck... Then I'm going to get an on/off switch for each pickup AND a pickup selector... I'm gonna bypass tone to keep you treble-y all the time and just have two volume knobs...

Oh yes 8) .

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Yes, there are many tempting options! :P

Control cavity routed this morning, sanded back and last coat of sanding sealer applied.

Not much spare time with the rest of this week but the next stage is the dreaded painting. Next door has an Air Brush which i am tempted to borrow, i really dont fancy struggling with aerosols again, plus they seem economically inefficient.


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Pardon my ignorance but what is the zero fret?

( i realise i shall no doubt slap my forehead when realising my complete muppetry when the obviousness of afore mentioned feature is explained). :-hmmm

zero fret


non zero fret


Some people believe that a zero fret takes some of the ringiness out of the sound of open strings, because when using a guitar that employs a zero fret your open strings are essentially a regular note that is always fretted. The best the best way to try this out for yourself is to put a capo on your guitar and strum a few root position chords (moved up to where you placed the capo of course). You might notice that the unfretted notes blend in better with the rest of the notes in the chord, which is essentially the function of the zero fret.

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