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I need a new nut!!! For a vintage '65 mustang! help

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I need to get a new nut for a vintage '65 neck (which i brought and came with the nut removed unfortunately) and I guess im wondering what sort of nut to put in? I just want a vintage looking bone nut, what the easiest to buy a blank or a curved stewmac has them but i wouldn't know which curved one to get?


another place that has them what about that bone nut?


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you might want to take the guitar with the neck to a real luthier. A good luthier will already have various nut materials in the shop and they will cut the slots correctly so it will play well and stay in tune. Also, you might buy the 2 for 7 dollar fender nut blanks so after you have the real luthier cut nut you can practice carving your own nut slots (stew mac sells the proper files for this job too I think). I've never tried it myself, but apparently it's harder than it looks if you've never done it before. Let us know how it works out.

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