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lucky :evil:

do they look more their age in person? because in media they all look like they made a deal with satan for never aging!

and thanks, it's my most played and most loved in the collection, in that pic it had tone and volume still, now it has no controls other than the switches, i like it streamlined.

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Damn! One more than me. I have

Fender mustang dakota red

Squier strat stripped

Jagmaster pictured above

Epiphone dot studio

yamaha acoustic

Fender duo sonic reissue currently dismantled and sitting in my room, its getting routed for a wide range humbucker today.

It was odd because every pic I saw of him he looked young then he glanced my direction while exiting the stage and he definitely looks his age.

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the cinnamon poptart refers to the re-re-issue duo's,

now that you talk about it being stripped on the front and back i think i remember your post about winning it on ebay? and it's a 90's reissue iirc

as for the mustang, the plate is still there, for a while i had the knobs in there just as dummies but they got annoying so now it is just open holes. i thought about putting a 3 way switch down there in one of the holes, but never really got around to it. and its really a miracle my stang even makes sound as it is, i had a bunch of schematics but couldnt make them work so i just messed around until i got every switch working. but it has about 4 feet too much wire in it and about 6 grounds all linked to the input. but hey, it works :lol:

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