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hyperthetically how much would i get for a

2003 jagstang with cts pots and top spec electrics a sd jb and a ssl-3 aswell as schaller straplocks fully setup and frets leveled by a gutiar tech

also sold with the original pickups and pots in the origional gigbag

only damage is a few monor dints on the bottom and one on the top side none on the actuall front or back and the neck in perfect condition

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Much like robert said.

Even if you spend $500 on upgrades you will get less for it than if its stock. Even though its probably better than stock people want to make that decision themself, not have it made for them and pay extra for some one elses mods.

Modded as it is you wouldn't likely get $400 for it.

I wouldn't pay $400 for it.

A stock untouched (with a soldering iron) guitar will always fetch more than one thats been messed with BTW.

My 66 mustang has decreased in value cause I've modded it but that doesnt bother me cause I never sell guitars once I buy them, i buy more guitars! But If I put it back to stock and never said its been modded I'd get way more for it than I payed for it today!

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