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David Gilmour strat project


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Bought today a black Squier Strat, the kind that came with the SE-100 strat pack. I'm not sure what wood the guitar is, but based on the info I can find, I can count on it being either Agathis or Alder. There is VERY pale sawdust in the vibrato cavity. It seems to be made from 2 pieces of wood.

It's nice and clean, but the fretboard is dry and the strings are corroded. It also seems as though it have never been set up. Unless, that is, someone had the action set high to use for slide. No big deal. It sounds good, nice and stratty, but the pickups are going anyway.

This is what I have in mind for pickups, does anyone have experience with these?


I am going to go for a 1-ply black pickguard, but the only ones I can find on ebay, seem to be made for American-made strats. If I was to try to use one of these, what problems would I realistically encounter? Does anyone know where to find pickguards that would fit a Squier with a minimum of fuss? Also, I definitely DO NOT want to have to get one custom made.

All of the electronics are gonna go. In fact, when the time comes, I will remove the pickguard and output jack and sell it all in one go.

This is what I am thinking of for the neck.


The issue's with this are:

a) I'm not a fan of heavy gloss

B) I have no idea about the profile and feel of the neck

c) I don't know how much of a hassle it would be to apply a decal over the gloss

Problem is, if I am going to be slavish to the David Gilmour strat, then I NEED a maple neck. I'm not trying to match the specs of the Gilmour strat exactly, it's more that I am going for a 'visual approximation' of it.

What do we all think?

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i think that going for a strat neck from say a MIA would make for a much better guitar imho

it might cost more but you would end up with a much higher grade guitar. also as you mentioned you dont know how it would feel, where as if you got a US or jap neck you Know how its going to feel, that is Great!

but the pickups look great! cool project, do you have any pics of the guitar you are trying to "copy"?

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This is the David Gilmour sig model, not the ACTUAL Black Strat.

As for buying an MIA neck, it's just not practical for me. Looking on ebay, it's hard to find them for less than US$300. The one from guitarfetish is almost 10% of that price.

Despite my ambitions for the thing, I'm still trying to put it together 'on the cheap'.

I saw a Fender Highway One strat at a music shop in Footscray and it had the most beautiful dark rosewood neck on it. I would LOVE one of those, but I can't justify the price :(

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I actually never saw those loaded pickguards on guitarfetish before, so thank for pointing them out, Chris.

However, I am dedicated to 1-ply black, and I also really want the Alnico 5 pickups that guitarfetish has.

Compromise on this project will probably be with the neck. I will save about $150 if I just keep the neck that's on there now.

I'm still weighing things up.

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That neck sure ain't my thing :lol:

I don't even know what scalloped fretboards are for!

I'm gonna keep my eyes open as far as necks go

edit: actually Luke you got me thinking...

http://cgi.ebay.com.au/STRAT-GUITAR-NEC ... 286.c0.m14

Given they have plenty available, I will probably go for one of these. Thanks for inspiring me to look :-D

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I have made the call...

I am probabbly going to get one of the necks off ebay. I just sent a couple of questions about whether it will fit (I measured, and I am pretty sure it will), and how easy it is to apply a decal to the headstock.

The project is underway.

Shortly after my last post, I pulled the guitar apart ready for sale. No point oiling the fretboard and putting on new strings if it is simply going to be stripped anyway.

Here is the damage...






The neck and loaded pickguard are going on ebay. The body is going into mothballs until I can start buying the parts. I will probably start by buying the parts that need to come from overseas - pickups, pickguard - in a week and a half's time, and buy the neck 2 weeks after that. As I have said before, I will make my luthier responsible for gathering the parts that I will not be bothering with (output jack, electronics, knobs).

My luthier tends to take his sweetass time, so with any luck the project should be done by christmas.

I will keep updating and I look forward to hearing more of people's thoughts :)

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Thanks for asking.

No progress so far. Money became a bit tight, and I sold the neck on ebay and two weeks on, the dude that bought STILL has not paid for it or collected it, and that is $92 that I sorely need.

However, when I get paid next Friday, I SHOULD be able to afford my pickguard and electronics. I will be contacting guitarfetish soon to organize shipping.

The neck will be waiting for a little while. I still am not sure where I will be getting it from.

By the way, does anyone know to get good decals? This sucker is going to say Fender on the headstock :D

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I will be contacting guitarfetish soon to organize shipping.

you can calculate it on the site.

By the way, does anyone know to get good decals? This sucker is going to say Fender on the headstock :D

google, i think they cost about 20 bucks.

I don't completely trust the shipping calculator, so I would rather send a list of my order and have it manually calculated. The calculator seemed to add $2 postage for every pot I added to the order, and that can't be right.

As for decals... The price is acceptable... any idea how to apply them?

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3 easy steps to make the black strat.

1) buy a MIM or American maple neck, black body strat.

2) change the pickguard to black.

3) gently beat the #### out of it and scoop out some of the fretboard.


even if you get a Gilmour strat, if you don't play and feel like him, you will never get his tone.

I bet Gilmour would have the same signiture tone even if he plays a les paul.

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I bet Gilmour would have the same signiture tone even if he plays a les paul.

Funny you say that...

I never realised that the solo on Another Brick in the Wall Part 2 was played on a Les Paul until I was told so. Sounded the same as always to me.

I'm not doing this project to be David Gilmour or to emulate tone. I merely like the way the guitar looks and I am looking forward to the challenge of doing as much of this project as I can myself.

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