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Check Out What I Got Yesterday!

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Meet Anna, my newest guitar, and officially the last of all my money (and some of my dad's money too). I got her used for $110 at the local guitar shop, and is coincidentally one of my old guitar teacher's guitars. She plays like a dream and has a really bluesy tone, but can also handle any amount of distortion you wanna use (and really well too). Also, she's my first guitar with a maple fingerboard, which I normally don't like, but I absolutely love it on this guitar. Anyways here's some pics:




(Note: The fingerboard is darker than it appears in the pics and also u can't really tell in the pics, but she has quite a few dings on her, although none of them are super huge.)

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The only guitar I ever named is my homebuild jagstang.

I called it rusty :-shy

Partly because the upper fret access and sculpted lower horn was inspired by rusty cooley's signature dean.

I name all my guitars... and my basses too (although 1 of my 2 basses is technically my dad's, so technically I should say I named my bass and my dad's bass). my basses name is Paul and my dad's bass is named Shaggy (from Scoby Doo :lol: )

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Here's a vid I did that gives brief demos of all my guitars and gives you the names of all of em and stuff. I recorded it at like 2 am so I was kinda defensive about my playing but was kinda tired so I didn't feel like redoing anything and stuff. Also, I'm not left-handed, I just forgot to flip the video on my mac. anyways, just figured it might be interesting for some of you people. BTW the names just sorta come to me as I'm playing the guitar for like the first time usually, unless I'm sorta going for a theme with the name.


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Are you high or just tired? Also nice hair

thx, I'm just really freaking tired it was like 2am when I started working on this... also I get a lil bit shy playing guitar on camera... so that made things hard... so yeah... prolly not my best vid at all...

(Also, I have pretty bad ADD and my meds had worn off by then so I was having a hard time keeping a steady train of thought)

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i think your playing was fine, yes as always power to the hair :mrgreen: nice gats. so are strats your over all favorite?

Thx Foxy... I dunno why, but I must have been feeling really insecure last night or something... oh well I dunno....

As far as Strats go I love 'em to death, but I'd have to say that the JS is my fav (they're just more expensive to get ahold of, which is why I don't accumulate them like I accumulate Strats :P ). Although I seldom use it for recording I usually use the Custom or one of my Strats for that. But I would have to say I prefer a Strat over pretty much any guitar aside from a JS or something.

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you have a lot of guitars for your age.

I only had a fender usa '92 strat-ultra since I was 13 and got a second guitar, which was a Schecter C-1 E/A, when I became 18 since I became good enough to judge what makes a good guitar. right now I have my '92 strat, schecter, and a '78 mustang. I have vids of them on youtube. my youtube username is alsgh422

I personally think that one guitar is enough for a beginner...but what the hell. if you have money, go for it

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seriously I can't remember the last time I bought a video game or something like that.....

same here. I play video games occasionally when I'm off from work or studies, but I don't want to waste my money on games. so I download them :? ..

but i still have 13 guitars and a truck load of pedals, + 6 amps. but i worked to get them, by work i mean slacked off the government.

nice. I think I'm going down that path too

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