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Just an update new pictures plus new bridge


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You may remember my post a few months ago about the half sanded neck pickupless, duo sonic i bought on ebay. Well after several weeks of stop-start working on this guitar, we finally got the wide range bucker in the neck.


It has yet to be wired but for the past few weeks it hasnt been fitting no matter how much i cut the body and now it fits. Again my computer reverses everything, the duct tape says "work in progress"

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Its gonna get screws when i wire it together but the holes so tight at the moment it doesnt need them, i just put it together to see what it would look like and so i could take this pic, im not sure what direction to go in, its definitely gonna get a new bridge at some point i bloody hate this one. I was thinking lpb competition, then telecaster custom duo hybrid (thanks harrison) and now im thinking sunburst

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definately comp stripes. comp stripes are just great...even for a First Act guitar or some sort, if it has comp stripes on, you'll see a halo glowing behind it

besides the comp stripes, I think it would look great if it had the mustang control plate, instead of having the pickguard covering it. Kind of like a Fender Jazz-bass, where you have the duo pickguard on the top half and mustang control plate on the bottom.

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The duo project has been slow lately because of school but im working on it some more tomorrow



Not the best routing job but pretty good for my first attempt and only using a dremel.


The wiring was almost impossible to figure out for this it took me 3 hours to get it right


The bridge isnt screwed in yet but thats about where it will be.

I still have to get the mustang control plate for it and paint the thing

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