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Comfortably Numb solo.


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Yes, It's me.

the backtrack and the audio is not in sync.

I'm using my Schecter C-1 E/A from NAMM. it's unusual because I got it from my relative who works at Schecter almost half a year before C-1 E/A came out officialy, it's made in california and the color is redburst...which none of the other C-1 E/A has and all of those are made in Korea. Another strange thing is that it doesn't have the piezo function.

it's not fake since I even got the certificates and hardcase from my relative.

I just can't hide my facial expression. it's pretty embarrasing for me to watch
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nice playing :)

what are you running your guitar through?

modified Fender FM212R. I wanted to get a blackface but I had no money, so I bought some tube preamp kit and replaced the solid state into a tube amp. I messed up somehow and the treble control isn't working so the treble is constant at the lowest level, but I prefer it that way so it doesn't matter

and I'm using Vox tonelab LE. I have about 9 pedals but I get better tones with tonelab then with all the pedals.

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Dude, that is VERY nice.

There is even a moment at 1:05 when you got the harmonic squeal right. Hard to do. Kudos :-)

thanks. harmonics is pretty easy to do... you just slightly touch the string with the side of your thumb. I cut down the tone alot, so even though I used harmonics many times in that video, it's hard to hear

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