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tune-o-matic bridge for jazzmaster

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I've read on this site something about the "standard" tune-o-matic with small posts. Is it this one?


I see the posts are M4 (4 millimiters) but the holes in the JM are about 8 mm, so should i wrap the posts with lot of tape to thicken it up to 8mm if i want the standard TOM?

anyway if the "nashville" fits without any tape, i'll go for this

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They suck, get the one I listed and showed you, its what all jaguar and jazzmaster players use when using TOMS. You still have to wrap a little bit of tape around the thimbles but that's easy enough and you'll not use any where near as much tape as with the one you listed.

With the one I showed you you can raise and lower the bridge with the two little wheels to set the action, with the one you showed you can't do this which means you cant adjust the action at all with the bridge.

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Yes it will be fine and sound exactly the same as it does now, except the low and high E strings wont be quite centered over the polepices of the neck pickup, they are still over the pole pieces just not quite center. It doesn't effect sound one bit.

Its not a problem.

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Just finished installing the TOM. I think it's definitely a great improvement. Anyway i'm having some setup issues. Even with the bridge trimmed all way down, the action is a bit high. Do i need to file the saddle in order to achive a proper action?

here are some pictures

http://digidownload.libero.it/abstract_ ... CF0898.JPG

http://digidownload.libero.it/abstract_ ... CF0899.JPG

http://digidownload.libero.it/abstract_ ... CF0900.JPG

http://digidownload.libero.it/abstract_ ... CF0902.JPG

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What you need to do now is put a small shim in the back of the neck pocket to raise the neck and tilt its profile.

Find a business card, cut two strips of it off about 1/3" wide and as the same width as the neck pocket. Take the neck off (you dont even need to take the strings off,just loosen them) and place the two bits of card in the neck pocket closest to the neck pickup, so its right in the end. Then screw the neck back on and you will find your action is way too low and the strings are touching the frets, so now you adjust the action with the TOM.

Problem Solved!

This is pretty standard practice for adding a TOM to Jazzmasters,Jagaurs and Mustangs.

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as for the jagstang, i advice that you keep the stock bridge, and i am an expert.

Why not? Could you explain?

I've got the same problem with the JS's bridge as many respectful owners had. There is some buzz noise producing by bridge, especially when playing on unplugged guitar.

I know many people changed the stock bridge to tune-o-matic and were pretty glad with the TOM.

I only do not know what exactly model of TOM should fit best for JS.

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so you get a buzz when its unplugged? how many acoustic gigs do you play with your j.s.?

  its really not rocket science to set up the trem, you don't need to flip and and lock the trem. you don't need to spend booku bucks on a new bridge, just get it set up, take your guitar to a tech, get it done right.

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Yeah, that's right. the bridge produces some parasitical buzz while playing. It only can be distinctivly heard when I'm playing it unplugged, e.g. without any connection to combo or amps.

But if it's plugged into my home combo and being played as usual on clean sound or with distortion - so in this case not a bit of buzz noise can be heard.


The problem is that this awful buzz indicates the bridge has some bad adjustments. And I'd like to correct this small but unpleasant defect as long as JS currently is my main guitar, and I'd like it to sound without issues like that.

Yes, I'd try to set it up, well, I'm just a common player, not a pro or skillful tech. And there are no really pro guitar techs in my area, unfortunately. So I've got to get it fixed by myself.


It's to late - :wink:  - I've recently bought the Fender adjusto-matic bridge from Ebay. Probably It will help in some way.

And I've got this upgrades fever, And JS's stock completion suits me no more.  :twisted: 

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I put a TOM on a mustang I once had and I probably will just keep the stock bridge styles from now on.  I loved the TOMs, but the problem was that they were designed for a 14" radius neck that the Les Paul's have.  My Mustang had just over a 7" radius.  The action at the E strings was too high when it was right on in the center.  


When putting together my Jazzmaster, I decided to stay with a stock style bridge.  

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