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My new settup

Guitars: Fender jagstang, George lynch LTD, Ovation celebrity acoustic, and if it counts a mini squier strat that I dont play

Amps: In one day it will be JCA12S cabinet with JCA20H head...

Pedals: proco RAT, Slash wah, Homemade distortion from byoc (build your own clone), and possibly a big muff tomorrow.

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My set-up is currently incomplete but after March, I'm looking at the following:


Squier JagMaster

Epiphone SG

Squier P-Bass

Some Yamaha acoustic jobby that hasn't had more than 4 strings in about 7 years.

And soon... Blacktop Jazzmaster HS


Boss DS1 Distortion

Boss FL2 Flanger

Beta Aivin DD2 DigiDelay

Boss OD2 Turbo Overdrive

Coming soon... DIY One Knob Fuzz

Some old Morley Wah I got given by a friend (god knows what it is other than that)

A Zoom thing I got free from another friend


Squier 15 practice amp

Orange 3w Micro Crush, which I keep on my desk at work.

Coming soon... Fender Frontman FM212r 100W

It's been a busy time at work with a lot of overtime, so I'm treating myself to some upgrades.

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Currently saving for another Gibson ('61 SG) and a new JCM900 stack but my setup wont change other than the amp. That's it for me, I don't want anymore #### after that and I'm only getting this cause its necessary.

I only need one guitar but always have a few.

My Jett melody maker and the sg will be the only guitars I bother using but when I start doing shows again I will always take my 66 mustang as a back up.

I used to like having this pedal and that pedal etc, I'm a minimalist now, have been for quite a while, I fvking hate complicated setups and pedalboards and a dozen guitars and #### like that.

2 guitars, 1 pedal, 1 amp,a tuner..its all I need.


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I just put my stuff in the amp section called "Your Rig," but here are some pics. The guitars are in my sig.

Some of my most played guitars. Couldn't get them all in the shot.


DSC08930 by Hentai No Baka, on Flickr

This has my bass from high school in it and my tele I am still building. My accoustic is from high school. Pretty easy to tell those because I put my initials on them.


DSC08926 by Hentai No Baka, on Flickr

My pedalboard at the moment. I need some One Spot cord adaptors for my Big Muff and the other couple ones on the power strip. The big grey thing is my power cleaner. I have my amps and pedals plugged in to it.


DSC08924 by Hentai No Baka, on Flickr

This is a pic of my new VHT Special 6 head plugged in to my GK 4x12 cabinet. It has old Celestion G70's in it. The head it is sitting on is an old rail GK 300 watt guitar head. Too loud with the kids, so I am excited about the VHT's 3 watt setting. (Although that is actually pretty loud through the 4x12.)


DSC08922 by Hentai No Baka, on Flickr

My little Randall combo amp from a pawn shop on top of my Crate bass amp from high school. I think the bass amp's speaker is going out. Not sure if I will replace the speaker yet or not.


DSC08923 by Hentai No Baka, on Flickr

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ELECTRIC guitars:

62 RI Fender Jaguar (CAR)

Squier jagmaster with tele knobs and a dimarzio super distortion in bridge (my favourite)

Shine SNOD1000 double neck

Gibson Melody Maker (white)

Cruiser strat copy (black, my first electric)POS

Extreme lefty strat POS

Behringer iAxe(white) POS

westfield electro acoustic POS

rikter LP copy - suprisingly good considering it was £120, rivals my jag


fender frontman 212r

marshall mg15 dfx (for home use, sometimes into my fender amp)

did have a vintage 65 twin reverb I used one time at the albert hall


Boss ds1



EHX L.Big Muff pi

small clone

marshall jh1

Belcat delay POS

sheridan stage pro wah POS

Ernie ball VP jr.

Digitech rp55 (kinda ashamed i even have it honestly)

I find that 1.it doesnt really matter what you have as long as you have the patience to tweak the settings.

2. get too many amps or pedals and all the guitars sound the same....like P'sOS


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