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Why is it??????


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Why is it that the Mustang, while it is a student model, is looked down on by some guitar snobs.

I mean it has a full Fender 21 frets, 2 pickups, and a comfortable neck.

the pickups seem to sound good, and if you put in a nice after market pickup it can sound even better.

A guitar is a Guitar, it has frets and you make music with it......

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Actually it has 22 frets..... aside from the super shortscale mustang produced early on.

Its looked down upon because people are stuck up snobs that think they are the sh!t and only $3,000 stratocasers will do.

I have a question for you:why is it that you care? if you like it play it! Fvck what ANYONE sez about any thing you use,its your life so live it how you want cause in the end we all end up dead and there's no time for snobbery.

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my only complaint about it is the body. its very small. and in hindsight i might have liked a jag better

but i love the neck and the feel of it and how it hangs

its just a stigma against anything labeled "student"

like the way a squire could kill a fender but people would still pick the fender

based on name alone.

its the mentality of people who want an instrument to have namebrand clout

and dont take into account the actual playability of the guitar

not to say anything is wrong with strats. just that people look too deeply into names

i can say from personal experience that i enjoyed my 100 dollar bullet strat more than an original 58 strat that i played with the original owner. i believe it should all be about personal preference and never name.

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Earth said it all.

I'll add an FYI, more because I like to share trivia than because you need to know this...some historians say the Mustang was designed as an advanced student guitar to fill a niche between the student Duosonic and the Strats.

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What the Mustang was originally sold as and what it has become over the years are two very different things.

I love my Mustang and my Strat (all all the others too). Why? Beacause they are all different.

BTW: The only opinion that should count to you, is your own.

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