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What else can I do to my Jag-Stang?

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Hey guys, newbie to the forum here. I've had my Jag-Stang for years, and for the past several years it has mostly sat around while I focused more on drums. I'm in a band now and I'm back to playing guitar, and looking to soup up my Jag-Stang a little more.

I've already made a few mods thanks to this site YEARS ago. I replaced the tuners with locking Gotoh tuners, I replaced the bridge with a Tune-O-Matic, and I put in SD JB and Hot Rails pickups.

What else can I really do? Is there a "better" switching schematic that'll give me more sound options? Does anyone still make custom a pickguard that straightens the humbucker? I've read about throwing on a .001mf cap to improve tone; is that a must? What about throwing in new pots, what'll that do for me?

My style...I guess the best explanation is that we're like Wilco and the Pixies touring together if they timetraveled back to the 60's. I'm big into psychedelic and indie rock. I'll be switching between lead and rhythm, so a switching pattern that accommodates that would be optimal.

Cliff notes: Looking for suggestions on what to do with my JS.

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or you could:

1.) Lower the switches: A Must!

2.) Put push/pull pots in for the V & T

3.) Wire the pots as on/off for each pickup

4.) Wire one 3-way as a coil tap (personally, both tapped-off-neck only tapped)

5.) Wire the other as a parallel/series switch (gotta love two humbuckers in series together)

that's my Mad Scientist idea

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So the secondary switch mainly changes the sound for the humbucker? Does it do anything to the single coil? Sounds like I can get more sounds out of it than the stock wiring, yes? Where can I order the parts that you used?

Also, what cap(s) did you use? I see a lot of people are putting in a .001mf cap in there and that's getting rid of the muddiness. Did you switch out the volume pot too?

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I guess I should also point out again that I have a Hot Rails in the neck position, which is a single coil-sized humbucker. So will I be able to use the phase switching for it?

4 wires , yes

caps .47 and .22 (Push pull vol To change it) on surfstang (Ash body) .47 on jag-stang (Basscrap, Mean Basswood)

a lot more

can do :

Just Neck

Neck + Splited Bridge ( will sounds like Single Coil + Hot Single Coil)

Neck + Parallel

Neck + series Bridge

Bridge Series

Bridge Parallel

Bridge Split

Phase Off B Series

Phase Off B Parallel

Phase Off Neck + B Series

Phase Off Neck + B Parallel

Splitted bridge dont work whit phase off.

neck pickup need had 4 wires to phase off works correctly

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What would be best to gear your JS with should depend on what style you're in...

I would go for a Seymor Duncan PAF style in bridge position

and leave the single.. a tune o matic bridge,new pots,chrome volume/tone knobs..

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