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Bridge Issue...help please

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Hey all,

Just got a Jagstang from a friend who didn't play it anymore. It had been neglected for a while so I began the cleaning and restringing.

The problem/question I have is: Without the strings, the bridge on this Jagstang just moves back and forth. Am I missing a piece that keeps the bridge from moving around? When I take the bridge out of the holes, all I see are pointed screws for adjusting the bridge height. The posts are significantly skinnier/smaller than the holes they go into on the face of the guitar. I want to get this baby up and running! Help!

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Its 100% normal and its called a "floating bridge", they are good for vibrato useage and move back and forth with vibrato bends.

When you set it up just rough tune to your tuning then tap the bridge straight so its vertically aligned,then precise tune and adjust if needed. Its a really simple set up to tell you the truth.

You need a tiny allen key to adjust them screws for the bridge height,insert it into the top of the bridge where the little holes are on either side.

Visit http://www.fenderjaguar.net/ for more info. jaguars use floating bridges almost identical to the jagstang which uses a mustang bridge and vibrato.

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