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Favorite fender guitar?

Whats your favorite fender guitar  

70 members have voted

  1. 1. Whats your favorite fender guitar

    • Fender Jag-Stang (which I know will get a lot of votes)
    • Fender Mustang
    • Fender Stratocaster
    • Fender Jaguar
    • Fender Cyclone
    • Fender Tornado
    • Fender Telecaster

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I like the jag-stang but i feel to much like a KuRdTz kid when i play one lol. I left that behind a long time ago
Funny, Most of the time i forget it was a KuRdTz guitar. Anyway Ivoted for the Jag-stang and the Mustang. The Jag-Stang just has a better feel and the neck is beautiful. The Mustang is just as good, but not quite
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i like strats but you can't really get alot of distortion outta them with either changing the pickups or by using a pedal. That's why i like Mustangs, Jaguars, & Jag-Stangs

Most strat pickups would be hotter than a mustang.

I thought that statement was odd too.

SURELY you would get distortion out of them by swapping them out for some 15k output super-weapons.

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Strat p.ups are definitely hotter than mustang p.ups....the lowest output fender p.up AFAIK.

I hate ALL fender guitars stock, they all require modifications of all the electronics (and the bridges on the Jag,Mustang)to be playable to me. That said, the exception is if I'm playing clean, which is rarely. then a stock jaguar will suffice.

I'm a hardcore humbucker fan, they just sound better with any kind of heavy saturated distortion. Plus, I hate the noise of single coils.

Gibson leads in pickups IMO and they also lead in heavy rock/punk guitars.

Fenders can be made to sound good obviously and that is what I've done to all mine, gutted them, rewired them, and put high output humbuckers in them.

About the only fender I'm impressed with in stock condition is the BT (black top) Jaguars...they have HB's, are hardtail (which contributes to a better sound for heavy music) and have a 9.5 fretboard radius.And, anyone can afford one!

If I wasn't saving for a Gibson, or two, I would go out and buy two BT Jags today.They really are a big improvement over the AVRI jag if you play anything heavy and saturated.

Made in mexico....who gives a #### where a guitar is made so long is sounds/feels good!

So, my alltime favorite Fender would be my modified Jaguar or Mustang.

If the guitar had to be stock, I'll take a Toranado or BT Jaguar.

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