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I dislike all of Teh Kurdtz talk as much as the next guy, however...

The name of the site IS jag-stang.com, and the guitar was essentially designed by Cobain.

Perhaps the people who DON'T want to hear about him are the ones who don't belong here.

I'm just not going to let it bother me anymore. Hopefully, the new Kurt Gear thread will help stem the tide of repetitive "what humbucker did Kurt use in his Mustang" type questions.

edit: big congrats to me on my 2,000th post :-P

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suhc a sh1t forum...

You keep going on about how amazing it is.

*sings: "You change your mind, like a gilmourgirl"*


I think the whole jag-stang part of this forum should be incinerated.


SmutVendetta has now come out of the 1980's and entered the year 1990 and 1991 in a very short time span.

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