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FAO: Gilmourish

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Don't want an OD.

There are waaaaaaaaaaay too many to choose from anyways.

Marshall Guv'nor 2!

besides that I actually like the Boss FBM-1, I know this is more of a modelling pedal but I tried one at Guitar Center a while back and was surprised to find that I really like it quite a bit and that it does make some pretty cool OD sounds.... as shameful as it is, I actually kinda want one :oops:

Also the Lovepedal Les Lius is pretty cool sounding from what I've heard on youtube

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on the subject of "dirt whore" i think i might qualify too.

my board has a ds-1. a russian muff. a fulldrive 2. the holy stain fuzz/drive. and i have an OS-1 too but it's at a friends house.

maybe i'm just a whore in general though. due to my previous statement about delay and such

ds-1 doesnt count as dirt, its ####.

i wil have





another muff


and some sort of booster

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I only have problems with the lame Boss pedals that they just shouldn't bother making, like the MT-2. The modulation is usually passable, the delays acceptable for what they are, but 70% of the dirt pedals are really nasty.

Your such a loser.

get over it, Luke

meh, i don't care in the slightest.

he is like 12 going on how alternative and how much of a shoegazer he is, it's really sad.


edit: That had to be the most childish post I've ever seen on the internet.

If I'm 12, what are you 12 and 3/4s? :roll:

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