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Chrome tele knobs on Mustang

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I've agreed to buy a leftie Mustang and am just waiting on the Ishibashi paypal thing to pay and get it shipped.

I saw a pic of this mustang - http://www.guitarsandeffects.com/guitar ... ij_003.jpg - and it looks like it's got Chrome knobs, prob from a Tele. I really like the combo and was thinking of getting some to put on the Mustang when it arrives.

I'm a complete noob to this stuff so was wondering if there's any issues there? I presume they're just the same metal tuners with knobs on top but I wanted to just check first to make sure there's no issues!


a x

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Not all tuners will work. You have to make sure the screw holes match up. Unless you want to drill new holes in your headstock. I just replaced the white buttoned tuners on my 65 RI with chrome ones. They had to be the F stamped tuners with the diagonal screw holes. The kind of tuners off a 69 RI wouldn't have fit. They have the screw holes straight across from one another in the middle of the tuners.

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