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the fuzzbox is a circuit bent oscillation machine which is running through the multi fx for optimum craziness

the stickers have been removed because i like it this way, i may add my own personalisations in time but for now it stays like this (im thinking a black pickguard might look better :? )

and my byoc pedals got screwed up on account of me sucking at life, ill get them working one day :-shy

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I've been living on Mars with Dr Manhattan for a while...

What is that red guitar that looks like a Jazzmaster/Jagmaster/thingymabob???


it's frans thurston caster that he traded for the dano U2.

I HAVE been out of it :D That's a good deal, everybody wins.

This site has been pretty dead lately from what I can tell. And my own guitaring activites have dropped off to zero.

I take it there has still been no progress on the tele bass :P

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Must just be because my own interest has dipped off a bit lately. Also the fact I have been getting hardly any topic reply emails. Not to sound cynical, but it seems like when I do check the new topics, it's Kurdt Mustang, Kurdt Jaguar that, JB in the bridge something else.

As for what's going on, not a huge amount. I don't have a huge amount of work at the moment, so I have been doing a fair bit of writing. But I have been out of that game for a while, and it's been tough to get back in the habit.

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