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I understand that it is possible, and that it can be relatively simple. each tube radio has a tube amp as part of the output stage, so the simplest way to do it is to disconnect the part if the circuit receiving the transmission, and to insert the guitar signal at that point. however, this would probably be harder than it sounds, unless you have a schematic. i've also heard of more complex mods where the circuit is rearranged to utilize more tube stages...

try to find the schematic online first. Do you have any electronics/soldering skills?

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You might be able to make it work by simply plugging an fm transmitter into your guitar and tuning into it on the tube radio.... After all you can do it on an ipod if your car doesn't have a cassete deck or auxilary port..... then you'd just have to wire an fx loop into the circuitry between the part that recieves radio and the tube stages for your pedals

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It is possible depending on what you want to do with it.

I converted an old Hackett stereo with a couple of ECL86 valves into a 7 watt guitar amp using a Vox AC4 schematic.

Dismantled it totally first tho.

Really depends how up to scratch your electronics skills are.

These sites really helped:





Hope this helps.

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a lot of the old valve radios had inputs, check if yours has one. they will look different, of course, no cinch, but banana connectors or 3-pole types. some of the european 50s/60s pickups were even equipped with these types of jacks, as most people used their valve radio amps to play at home.




uhm, whatever you do, make sure the radio is properly grounded, will ya?

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well i mean impedance deals with volume and tone (inthis context), and if done properly, there shouldn't be any voltage issues (although it would be good to ground the radio), but i don't think that people modding valve radios into guitar amps are particularly worried about keeping all of the definition in the sound

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